In his house's big front room, Lloyd Wells reclines on the unmade king-size bed like a raja, and you pull up a wooden stool beside him. It's eerie, talking to Wells in his house; you feel you're at the center of the Lloyd Wells Museum. Dog-eared photos and magazine clippings cover almost every inch of the walls: Wells with this-or-that celebrity, this-or-that beautiful woman, this-or-that "good friend" who happens to be Mike Tyson or Tina Turner or Jesse Jackson. Championship jackets lie in musty heaps; some are from the Super Bowl. Four TVs, of different sizes and vintages, face the king-size bed; the TV in the lower right-hand corner flickers and murmurs, a background to conversation. Three photos of pretty women are taped to the side of one TV; in black marker, Wells has labeled the pictures "Wife #1," "Wife #2" and "Wife #3." A nude pinup lies unceremoniously on the floor. "Long-time Girlfriend," says the... More >>>