The scene isn't all that unusual: some disturbingly gorgeous exotic dancers sitting around a table at the back of the Ritz Cabaret with a few lucky local musicians. It's the topic of conversation that's unexpected. The group is engaged in a thoughtful, personal discussion about breast cancer. Dara, a Nina Hartley look-alike with pierced nipples, says her mother has been a breast cancer survivor for 20 years. Another busty blond named Brianna reveals that her mother has been in remission for two years. Scott Taylor, lead singer for the College Station band Feeding Five Thousand, mentions that his lead guitarist's mother is going through breast cancer treatment. Even publicist/band manager Stephanie Granader, the woman who put this little roundtable together, has dealt with an on-again, off-again lump in her breast since college. "It is benign, but, you know, it's reality," says Granader, now 32. "And it's something I have to... More >>>