In 1948 the artist Alighiero e Boetti tore a large piece of brown paper into small squares that he then "stacked into a rather unstable column." He smoothed out and saved the silver paper linings of cigarette packs from 1957 on, "without missing a single one." In 1949 he tightly wound a yellow tailor's tape measure and pushed it up to form a "Tower of Babel." And since 1946 he has "incessantly used various materials to start fires." These accomplishments are chronicled in a 1967 artist's statement. Boetti signs it at the end, adding his birth date: December 16, 1940. Some rudimentary math reveals that he was six years old at the time of his earliest artistic endeavors. It's a wonderfully amusing, direct and unpretentious essay that gives an incredible sense of Boetti's progression from a kid investigating the world around him to an artist investigating the... More >>>