In casual conversation, it's difficult to nail just what made a concert great, especially if you're trying to trigger pangs of regret in a friend who foolishly passed up an opportunity to attend. To make it even harder, let's say you're a huge fan of the group, but your pal is only vaguely aware of its existence, which makes a set list recitation useless no matter how many rare oldies or obscure B-sides appeared. You can praise the vocalist's operatic highs; you can vouch for the way three guitarists intricately tangled their notes; you can attempt to put into words a bass tone that rattles like a car on the tantalizing edge of combustion. Sooner or later, though, you'll find yourself attempting to approximate instrumental sounds with guttural tongue clucks. That is, unless you're able to add "Plus, the singer had a sword fight with a robot and later a giant ghoul... More >>>