Ballet and hip-hop will share the stage at Miller Outdoor Theatre --if only for one night. At Saturday's "Enchanted Evening" performance, the Sandra Organ Dance Company will hook up with former FLY Dance Company member Mario Jamarill for a tango number. Sandra Organ, a master choreographer known for her elegant dances, describes the dance's concept: "A modern dance diva, a ballerina, a ballroom type and a jazz/hip-hop chick meets her match in Mario's free-wheeling FLY style." And the whole FLY group, Houston's homegrown hip-hop dance company, will take a break from its busy touring schedule (which includes a stop at the Kennedy Center) to give its own performance at Miller on Friday. The troupe will dance with a batch of guest artists in "FLY with Friends," which features music by the Temptations, live scratching by DJ Comp 1 and the classical guitar playing of... More >>>