American Analog Set puts on a wicked rock show rife with paradox. The songs come out of the gate chugging on an easy groove, the low-decibel meander seemingly going nowhere until it builds and yawns into a big raw sound. These arching, brokenhearted songs of woe are the Fort Worth band's bread and butter -- and oh, how well these guys spread it on. With a whispery delivery, compliments of mellow-voiced Andrew Kenny, the band's ultratight tunes unfold like an intimate heart-to-heart conversation before deteriorating into gorgeous, shimmering jams made up of electric piano twinkles and filigree guitar work. AmAnSet members have achieved success by constantly touring and making records, staying at the top of their game in terms of clean, deliberate musicianship, and being true to their fans. The band experiments more on its... More >>>