Trim that mullet and grab the kids and the missus, 'cuz it's time fer the Rolling Thunder Monster Truck Challenge. This Friday, Friday, Friday and Saturday, Satur...well, you get the idea, you can thrill to the sight of the supersize vehicles that crush stuff at the Fairpark Coliseum in Beaumont. See world-famous monster trucks like Bear Foot, Born 2 Be Wild, El Bandito and Awesome Kong (sponsored by Cialis!). The yung'uns can check out freestyle motocross bike riders from the X-Games and Gravity Games. And if you score VIP tickets for your rugrats, they get to a chance to meet Spider-Man (note: not Tobey Maguire) in person. And since it ain't no monster truck rally without mud, the infield section of the coliseum will be drenched in dirt and water for the mud racers. For the uninitiated, these are big... More >>>