Bikers have been rebelling against convention since Gottlieb Daimler attached a gas engine to a bicycle in 1885. And 125 years later, with gas prices topping $2 a gallon, only a reprobate would spend all summer riding around with mere pleasure in mind, right? Wrong. Plenty of people think guzzling a few gallons of gas is a small price to pay for a day of motorcycling on the open Texas road. If you want to join them, here's how. Before any would-be rider saddles up a motorcycle, he or she needs some basic skills. Mancuso Harley-Davidson and other area dealerships offer the Rider's Edge class, a course that in just a few days teaches students how to take a motorcycle out on the big scary road. Those who can ride a bicycle already have what it takes to enroll. To participate, newbies must wear some basic protective clothing and, of course, a helmet. The dealership will provide the sportbike -- a 492cc Buell Blast, aptly named -- as well as instructors, who share that hands-on-the-throttle experience necessary for negotiating Houston's notorious driving scene. Completion of the class exempts pupils from the riding portion of the license test down at DPS. Plus, once legal, riders can rent real Harleys -- Mancuso's start at $69 a day. (A V-Rod might run a... More >>>