We're in Berlin. It's the end of June 1934. Hungover Max (Steve Bullitt) can't remember the trick he's brought back to the apartment he shares with his lover, Rudy (Brady Alland), a dancer at the drag cabaret. He was coked up and drunk when he propositioned his latest anonymous conquest, Wolf (Christopher Clark), one of the Nazi Brown Shirt thugs in the notorious SA. "Your own little storm trooper," Rudy calls the strapping Wolf. Rudy isn't happy with threesomes or Max's growing enjoyment of sadomasochism, but he'd rather have Max around than not. Opportunistic, selfish and blissfully unaware of the social upheavals occurring in Germany, Max is about to descend into hell. This morning-after will become known as the Night of the Long Knives, when a paranoid Hitler methodically and brutally eliminated the high command of Ernst Roehm's SA. The man knocking on the apartment door isn't the landlord demanding back rent, but the SS looking for Wolf. Wolf is slaughtered, and Max and Rudy flee... More >>>