This Friday, filmmakers Mark Birnbaum of Dallas and Jim Schermbeck of Lubbock begin a sojourn they did not believe possible three years ago -- or last summer, for that matter. This very week, their movie will open in Dallas and Houston, with screenings to follow this month and next in New York, Denver and Portland, among more than a dozen others. Then, on May 24, it will be available for purchase on DVD, either at your local video retailer or on the Web site of agit-prop star Robert Greenwald, the maker of movies about Fox News Channel, Wal-Mart and the run-up to the Iraq War. It was only nine months ago that Birnbaum and Schermbeck, makers of acclaimed docs that have been screened in film festivals and on PBS, believed theirs would be a self-produced film that would sit on their shelves, gather dust and disappear into their vaults -- a mighta-been that wasn't, because it... More >>>