"This is the weirdest interview I've ever done," says Max Cavalera by phone, as he wanders down the highway from a broken-down tour bus outside of Salt Lake City. "I'm walking around mountains," he says. "It's actually refreshing." Cavalera, the singer/guitarist who currently leads metal band Soulfly, was also co-founder of the renowned band Sepultura. Cavalera is talking to us just days after the announcement that Soulfly bassist Bobby Burns had suffered a mild stroke and would be unable to continue with the band's current tour. Burns will be replaced by underground legend and Nuclear Assault / Anthrax / S.O.D. / Brutal Truth alum Dan Lilker during the Houston performance. Among the topics of discussion is the recent reconciliation between Cavalera and his brother Igor after several years of estrangement, and the continued rift between both Cavalera brothers and their former bandmate, Sepultura... More >>>