Dear Mexican: In a nutshell, you inspired me to rediscover my culture, my pride as a Mexican and love for my people (though it is hard to love my own people at times). I'm writing a college paper on Latin American issues — more specifically, on Mexican apathy, which is deeply rooted here in my city of El Paso. I don't know if you've noticed when you been here, but we live in a Mexican majority bubble that could easily be called a Mexican Utopia in the U.S. This same privilege enables a lack of unity and motivation to rise above our social issues, such as a low rate of superior education. The worst part of living in this city is the antagonizing sentiment we have against our own kind, based solely on the fact that many recently migrated and the sad misconception that they're all on welfare. We are not united in the same way other Southwestern communities have come together to protest in masses to oppose racist legislations. This city is in a state where institutionalized racism is rampant and self evident in Rick Perry's disrespect for our heritage, which predates that of his illegal alien-invading grand... More >>>