When Oliver Stumm of the New York label A Touch of Class Recordings first saw the Scissor Sisters perform in 2000, he saw something special. This isn't a surprise now -- over-the-top shows have helped the quintet become pals with Elton John and fill arenas in Australia -- but back then, a Scissor Sisters gig wasn't exactly the flamboyant spectacle it is today. In fact, that night in Brooklyn, Stumm witnessed an embryonic band: Jason Sellards (aka "Jake Shears") and Scott "Babydaddy" Hoffman, performing with a CD player and a microphone. The pair had yet to add glamorous vocalist Ana Matronic to the lineup (Shears met her at a 2000 Halloween party); neither guitarist Del Marquis nor drummer Paddy Boom, who was the last to join the band,... More >>>