It's a bad sign when the server greets you with an apology. He apologized for not coming out to take our drink orders sooner; we'd been there about ten minutes when he finally asked. He was sorry that the restaurant was so busy, though there were plenty of empty tables inside and out. He was penitent that he forgot to bring us free shrimp chips — the Vietnamese version of chips and salsa — to keep us occupied while we waited. He continued to offer excuses throughout the hour-and-a-half wait for our dinner and when the burger came out well done instead of medium and when the spicy lemongrass tofu wasn't at all spicy. He didn't need to beg our pardon for the bill, which was shockingly low for the amount of food we'd eaten, but when the receipts were signed and the last dregs of beer in our glasses were downed, we were left somewhat befuddled. This is the hip new... More >>>