You could call it Bring It On meets The Craft and stop right there with considerable accuracy. But why would you, when All Cheerleaders Die actually delivers as much trashy, gory fun as a movie with such a title suggests? Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson’s teen horror romp benefits from the same campy, over-the-top occult element previously perfected in the films of Sam Raimi and many a Buffy the Vampire Slayer B-plot. While the wit and production value is nowhere near those masterworks’, there’s still lots to relish here. A quartet of Mean Girls-esque zombies rise from the dead, courtesy of a heavily eyelinered necromancer and a bag of magic gemstones. Hell-bent on taking bloody vengeance on the football players responsible for their deaths, the teens return to their high school in two-feet-too-short-for-the-Vatican skirts and black leather bustiers (apparently the cheerleading uniform at this... More >>>