he multitalented NoŽl Coward (English playwright, composer, lyricist, actor, director, producer, superstar) was so circumspect about his gay life, he never mentioned it in his two autobiographies, nor allowed any biographer to hint at it, nor even confessed it in his diaries, except in wishy-washy euphemisms when he described falling under the spell of “that old black magic.” There was a time not so long ago when even the most flamboyant performers stayed firmly ensconced in the closet, either as “confirmed bachelors” or as husbands to sympathetic mates who would cover their tracks. Living in England, where the recent stench from the notorious trial of Oscar Wilde set back legislative gay reform for decades, Coward faced blackmail, public scorn and the loss of his career if he came out. It just wasn't done back then. You lived with your gayness as best you could. Only those in the exclusive “club” knew what that green carnation in your l... More >>>