In her south-side Chicago apartment, matriarch Weedy Warren (Deborah Oliver Artis) waits for her spinster daughter Alberta (Cheray Dawn Josiah) to get home from work. She rocks fitfully in her chair by the open window, clutching a Bible to her bosom as if drawing its strength straight into her. Weedy likes to worry — but even more, she likes to control. If she's not fussing over Alberta, she needles her brother Doc (Wayne DeHart), an inveterate gambler and drinker whose better days are long past. He's out of money again and would hit up Weedy for more, but she's too wise to his tricks. Weedy mocks him as a "whiskey head" and disparages his wearing gloves on a warm day. But Doc's rakish air and smart-alecky backtalk put us right into his pocket. He may be a rogue and a dreamer, but... More >>>