Since forming in 1976, the Cure has weathered punk, disco, new wave, five presidential administrations (soon to be six) and more lineup changes than former Astros skipper Phil Garner. Their sound — most often thickly knotted layers of despairing guitar and keyboard that builds from a whisper to a roar — is responsible for a good deal of alternative rock as we know it, spawning admirers and imitators across the globe in every imaginable style. The Cure is one of the few bands for whom it's possible to separate the many tribute albums recorded in their honor by genre: hardcore, electro, Spanish, all-piano, etc. Last month Pitchfork reported two more compilations are now on the way, with the Raveonettes, Rosebuds, Blonde Redhead and Houston's own Indian Jewelry among the latest groups to fall under the... More >>>