In his demand for true democracy, graphic artist Emory Douglas brandished his pens and markers like weapons, cutting through injustice with each mark he made. With every newspaper, magazine or poster that the former Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party designed, his full intent was to "project maximum damage to the oppressor with minimum damage to the people." His art called the poor and disenfranchised to arms while exposing the degradation and brutality of the "pigs," the unlawful kidnapping, imprisonment and murder of those who dared to speak out and the purposeful destruction of a people created by the (arguably) ­government-sponsored stream of heroin and other drugs into the ghetto. I kind of get nervous when I see this much palatable anger and rage directed toward a government that frankly looks a lot like me. But seriously, after 400 years of enslavement, degradation and dehumanization, would anyone even consider designing these... More >>>