"'Course he's willing to die. You think we do this kinda work 'cause we scared to die?" So speaks Virgil Cole (Ed Harris) about his sidekick Everett Hitch (Viggo Mortensen) as the two stare down a posse of bad guys in Appaloosa, New Mexico, circa 1882. Cole and Hitch, who are good at killing but try to apply that skill for the right side of the law, are the new marshal and deputy, and that posse's determined to spring its boss, Randall Bragg, from jail. A rancher with no cattle but nefarious plans for taking over the town, Bragg (Jeremy Irons, king of suave menace) is also an itchy-fingered killer, having shot the last town marshal right off his horse. He'll surely hang, but only if Cole and Hitch can hold onto him until the trial — and we all know what slowpokes those... More >>>