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    May 10, 2011

    City Council Fireworks over Proposed Arts Venue Lease Deal

    James Rodriguez tells Hair Balls his concerns​Unlike the movies, sparks don't always fly at city council meetings. It's not all Mr Smith Goes to Washington all the time. In fact, most of the time, proceedings there beat C-Span 2 in the insomnia-curing department. Yesterday was one of the dram ... More >>

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    May 9, 2011

    City Proposes To Lease Prime Arts Venues; Local Man Likens It To Desperate Crack Deal

    Who gets the George R. Brown?​For those of you who might have been doing other things over the weekend, a trial balloon was launched in Saturday's Metro section of the Houston Chronicle. Specifically, the idea is being bandied about for the City of Houston to sell off its Convention and Enter ... More >>

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    October 27, 2010

    The Heights-Area Walmart's 380 Agreement: Council Voted On A Draft Version?

    The Heights Walmart deal worked despite missing documents from the developer. That's sure to drive some people crazy​Hair Balls obtained new e-mails this week that reveal an interesting detail about the controversial 380 agreement between the city and developer Michael Ainbinder: The application, ... More >>

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    October 15, 2010

    Heights-Area Walmart: City Thought South Park Episode Would Help

    Let the City Council record reflect......​Channel 13 and the Houston Chronicle have exposed e-mails from city staffers regarding the proposed Walmart near the Heights (a/k/a The Walmart In The Area To Which No One Can Agree On A Name).The e-mails are fairly typical intra-office political stuff, bu ... More >>

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    September 2, 2010

    Heights-Area Walmart Not Needed, Opponents' Study Proves Conclusively

    When an Austin company says the Heights doesn't need a Walmart, television news reporters listen. ​Unlike the first Heights-area Walmart meeting, area residents showed up for a second go-round armed with some real ammunition. Apparently, a local neighborhood nonprofit called Responsible Urban Dev ... More >>

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    March 23, 2010

    The Dynamo Stadium Plan Is Magic

    ​The greatest plan ever has been unveiled.Using absolutely no public funding, the city, by April 1, 2012, will get a 20,000 seat, $80 million Dynamo soccer/Texas State Southern University football stadium that will create a new section of downtown, which will undoubtedly boom with economic growth, ... More >>

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    April 3, 2003

    Critical Condition

    Expect the Iraq war to worsen the Medical Center's reduction in Arab patients