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    April 3, 2014
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    December 13, 2010

    Neil "Bigmista" Strawder Returns to Texas for a Good Cause

    Photos by GroovehouseRev. Chester J. Makowski, Vicar of St. Augustine and Neil "Bigmista" Strawder share a laugh in the church's kitchen.​"My momma told me the church was gonna have a celebrity barbecue," recalled Neil "Bigmista" Strawder as he stood heads and shoulders above everyone else in ... More >>

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    January 8, 2009

    Hurricane Ike's Wake

    Forgotten and overlooked, Galveston and the Texas Gulf Coast struggle on in the storm's aftermath

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    September 19, 2008

    Let The Bidding For Galveston's HS Football Stars Begin!!

    High school football could be the last thing on anyone’s mind in Galveston, but Ball High School football coach Ron Holmes has already said that he’ll help his players find a transfer if the season is canceled. Two or three missed games – much less a missed season – could be the difference i ... More >>

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    September 17, 2008

    Michael Chertoff, Live in Galveston!

    Reporter Brett Koshkin just called in from Ball High School in Galveston, where Michael Chertoff recently finished speaking with reporters. Here's some of what the United States Secretary of Homeland Security had to say: "The big challenge besides food and water is getting power and sewage."

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    September 11, 2008

    High School Musical, Houston Style

    While they may not be as hilarious as The Onion's High School Tony Awards, TUTS' Tommy Tune Awards have become an annual highlight for high school theater geeks. Students from across the area compete for the nominations, and perform highlights at the Hobby Center before an audience of beaming paren ... More >>

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    September 3, 2008

    Rainbow Hair Is Apparently A "Distraction" In Galveston

    Public school administrators with, like totally dorky fashion sense are at it again. This time, they have struck at Galveston’s Ball High School, where student April Barton’s rainbow-hued coif has her on the receiving end of vague threats from the principal’s office, the Galveston County Dail ... More >>

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    September 8, 2005

    Fountain of Youth

    The kids in Shulton's Youth have talent, ambition and a record deal. But is that enough?

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    March 27, 2003

    Fostering Abuse

    Did something go very wrong at Gloria and Kenny Rogerss group home in Brazoria County? Or are they and their kids victims of a power-hungry CPS?

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    May 16, 2002

    The Dutiful Son

    Galveston prosecutors say David Hisey stole more than $700,000 from his elderly parents, murdered them, then lived with their dead bodies. David says he did what his parents wanted.

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    January 20, 2000

    The Man Who Knew Too Soon?

    Eight years ago Tom Curtis reported that AIDS could have been spread by an experimental polio vaccine grown on monkey kidneys. Scientists sniffed. Journalists scoffed. The story died. Now, a new book says the theory wasn't so stupid after all.