Bering Strait

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    August 12, 2013

    Bloodhound Gang vs. Russia: No Contest, Comrade Putin

    It's not quite the Cold War, but the current relationship between the U.S. and Russia is especially frosty these days. From Syria to Snowden, we can't seem to see eye to eye across the globe, or even the Bering Strait, as Vladimir Putin's return to the presidency seems like regression to authorita ... More >>

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    May 28, 2009

    Miss Pop Rocks: Things I Learned From Television

    Despite being a college graduate and having a wealth of useless knowledge stored away in my brain (Who is Kafka? What is Hegelism? Where is The Bering Strait? Blah blah blah)...anyway, despite my mind being littered with trivia from school days, I must admit that my biggest education has com ... More >>

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    May 26, 2005

    Booking It

    These travel narratives are as much about the teller as the terrain

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    June 5, 2003

    Houston Music Map

    Queen Norah reigns, Josh Groban pains, and lots of Natalie Maines

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    October 22, 1998