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    July 19, 2013

    Do's and Don'ts For Rock Baby Rock It's Lucky No. 13

    It's time again to shine up the saddle shoes and hose down the hot rods for Rock Baby Rock It's lucky No. 13, brought to you by Houston's own hound dog Edgar "Big E" Salazar. Party like it's 1955 where The Continental Club will boast enough pomade to grease down the dance floor for a three-night ex ... More >>

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    January 16, 2013

    Gothic Council on Being Almost "Normal"

    There's something that happens every holiday season that always causes me to damage my eyes through excessive rolling. The Wife With One F is a tremendous baker, known far and wide for her ability to create fantastic desserts. Obviously, this means she spends a lot of her down time at the end of the ... More >>

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    December 13, 2011

    Pop Rocks: So Who Really Isn't Sexier Than Jennifer Aniston?

    You win this round, Aniston.​Men's Health magazine, which I'd always assumed was largely aimed at the gay population (much like Field & Stream), recently declared Jennifer Anison the "sexiest woman of all time:" Forget that "Sexiest Woman Alive" nonsense. Jennifer Aniston has just been named ... More >>

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    November 25, 2010

    Why Doesn't Houston Have a Burlesque Troupe?

    Even Springfield is hipper than we are​While I was writing my review of Burlesque for Art Attack this week, I decided the least I could do for Houstonians who bothered to read about that movie's woeful lack of authenticity (among other things) would be to point them to where they could find th ... More >>

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    July 30, 2010

    6 Ideas: How to Dress Like A Rock Star

    ​This Saturday we'll be Partying Like A Rock Star with Allen Hill and DJ Psychedlic Sex Panther... and maybe Tina Turner, Pink, Zombie Michael Jackson, and probably a few Elvii... or at least some people in attire inspired by famous singers. The event at House of Dereon is a fundraiser benefit ... More >>

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    June 24, 2010

    Into the Jungle

    The Jungle Rockers are wound too tight for Vietnam...what about Texas?

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    May 5, 2010

    Beyonce Meets Bettie Page In Steamy New Video

    "Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo. Holy smokes. Have you seen the new Beyoncé video for "Why Don't You Love Me"? It is, shall we say, steamy. Maybe even steamier than "Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It)". First Beyoncé swiped choreography from Bob Fosse. Now she's finding ins ... More >>

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    February 18, 2010

    Vintage Vixens and a Vaudeville Revue at the Pretty Things Peepshow

    Photo by Dan Kramer ​Burlesque is finally hitting Houston in a big way. From the recent Tribute to Bettie Page at the Alamo Drafthouse, to last week's Valentine's burlesque show at the Frenetic Theater to Houstonian Rebecca Hadley's creation of the Lady Grace Academy -- which teaches the cra ... More >>

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    January 18, 2010

    The Weekend In Photos

    Not everyone was at the Houston Chevron Marathon this weekend, even though we couldn't have had more perfect weather for it. Some of you were at pubs and clubs, some of you were getting your roller derby on, some of you were at a burlesque show (naughty!) and some of you were at our very own Artopia ... More >>

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    January 18, 2010

    Girls, Gams and Garters: A Burlesque Tribute to Bettie Page at the Alamo Drafthouse

    Photos by GroovehouseGinger Valentine, mid-routine / Click here for a slideshow​"TAKE IT OFF!" bellowed the man in the beige hunting jacket and camouflage boots at the back of the theater, as he slammed down his fifth successive Bud Light of the evening. And, surprisingly, the elegantly well-dress ... More >>

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    January 14, 2010

    The Bettie Page Tribute Night

    An homage to a pinup queen takes a page out of her book

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    September 1, 2009

    True Blood, Episode 10: Screamin' Jay Hawkins' "Frenzy" and a Naked Crazy Town In Peril

    Alan Ball was known for his masterful use of music in Six Feet Under. He's lost none of his touch when it comes to his current HBO series, True Blood - which happens to be set in the Louisiana swamps, not terribly far from Houston. Though we're picking up midway through Season 2, from here on out as ... More >>

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    January 29, 2009

    Fish Out of (Frozen) Water in New in Town

    Renee Zellweger as the anti-Norma Rae

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    December 12, 2008

    Remembering Bettie Page

    Yesterday in Los Angeles, pin-up icon Bettie Page succumbed to complications from a heart attack suffered almost three weeks ago. She was 85. Few women in modern history have incited such lust and reverence in men and women alike. To the rockabilly culture, she embodied the ideal woman - voluptuous ... More >>

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    July 12, 2007

    Houston Roller Derby

    Skating queens hit the rink -- and each other

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    September 28, 2006
  • Dining

    August 10, 2006

    Bellini Martini

    River Oaks Lounge

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    April 27, 2006

    Being Bettie

    The Notorious Bettie Page never quite pins down the pinup

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    March 30, 2006
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    January 12, 2006

    Roller Grrrls

    They're tough, fast and back on track

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    May 6, 2004
  • Music

    December 27, 2001

    The Mild Ones

    The young gentlemen of rockabilly, San Antonio's Cave Catt Sammy