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    November 14, 2014

    Sorry, BeyHive, But We Are All Yonce'd Out

    This past Wednesday night, there was an entire Beyonce category on on Jeopardy. Just let that sink in for a minute. Ready? Here we go. We are all Yonce'd out. That means we are over the Jeopardy categories. We are over the album drops. We are weary of the gossip items, blind items, bump watche ... More >>

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    October 16, 2014

    The 10 Best Girl-Power Songs Ever

    Wanna know who's badass? Women. Know what's equally badass? Girl-power anthems. And no, we're not talking about cheesy power ballads a la Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey. We mean the songs that encourage women to feel proud of their badassery, while embracing what it is to be a chick. Songs tha ... More >>

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    October 13, 2014

    Old-School Rap Lowers "The Boom" On Radio Beyonce

    As predicted, Houston's all-Beyonce FM radio station that debuted last week proved short-lived. As of a few minutes ago, KROI-FM or "B92," which debuted last Wednesday in the wake of surprise layoffs at the now-former News 92.1 FM, has changed its format to classic hip-hop and rebranded itself "The ... More >>

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    October 9, 2014

    How Long Can This New All-Beyonce Station Last?

    Yesterday, KROI and its big boss Radio One decided to abandon their gamble of an all-news-formatted FM station after three years in favor of something that's going to sell: Beyonce. The news undoubtedly is terrible for those 47 men and women who worked at News 92 and are now out of a job. The forma ... More >>

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    September 24, 2014

    Deep Undercover at the YMCA's Beyonce Fitness Class

    Nykema Brown has just seamlessly executed a dance move that looks like a cross between something from a Qing Gong flick and a Crossfit burpee -- and she's managed to make it look sexy. She then whips her head back to the beat. "...5, 6, 7, 8!" she shouts with a smile. It's a Wednesday night and I ... More >>

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    August 6, 2014

    New Houston Rap: Beyoncé's Remix Isn't That "Flawless"

    10:32 Saturday night. That's when I got a phone call about a new Beyoncé remix hitting the Internet. 10:34 p.m.: that's when I realized Beyoncé decided to rap about that infamous elevator fight between her husband and her sister and laugh about it. The bar itself, "of course sometime shit goes d ... More >>

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    July 21, 2014

    Houston Went a Little Too Beyonce-Crazy Friday Night

    "JAY Z/BEYONCE TICKETS! I GOT JAY Z/BEYONCE TICKETS" There's a weird air whenever you mention "Beyoncé" and "concert" in unison. I've seen her twice, once in New Orleans and in her second Houston stop of last year, days before the release of Beyoncé. Attend and you feel like the air around you is ... More >>

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    July 21, 2014

    On the Run Is Beyonce & Jay Z's Epic Moment

    Talking about the On the Run tour without breaking into cliché is difficult. It goes without saying that any Beyoncé concert in Houston is special. It's, at the very least, a homecoming. When you add in her mega popular husband and set the whole thing in Minute Maid Park, it becomes even more tha ... More >>

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    July 19, 2014

    Beyonce & Jay Z at Minute Maid Park, 7/18/2014

    Beyonce & Jay-Z Minute Maid Park July 18, 2014 When the downtown lots were charging upwards of $80 for parking, could there be any doubt that the biggest tour of the summer had hit Houston with all the force of a summer lightning storm on Friday night? Beyonce, our very own homegrown megastar was i ... More >>

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    May 15, 2014

    Feast Your Ears on BeatKing's Awesome Jay Z/Solange Freestyle

    Monday, the Earth shook. Well, not really, but if you deal with gossip the way journalists, social-media commentators and those who wield Photoshop for evil purposes, Solange fighting Jay Z in an elevator shook everything imaginable. The days that have followed have been awkward. The facade of pri ... More >>

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    December 13, 2013

    So Beyoncé Has a Brand-New Album Out Right Now

    I'm not a clairvoyant or anything near the sort but Tuesday night, I walked away from Beyoncé's latest show at Toyota Center with the following idea in my head, "a Beyoncé live show reinforces sexuality and freedom above anything else." That was about the show. I should have realized I was talkin ... More >>

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    December 11, 2013

    Beyoncé at Toyota Center, 12/10/2013

    Beyoncé Toyota Center December 10, 2013 The easy way to go about saying you went to a Beyoncé show is to gawk at the way people surrounding you interact with one another, how they smile, wave, twist and contort to every move the 32-year-old Houstonian performs onstage. How they attempt to mirror ... More >>

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    September 24, 2013

    Houston Is "Crazy in Love" With Drag Performer Tyoncé Moore

    When Ty Moore heard Destiny Child's first radio single more than a decade ago, a unique kind of love was sparked -- one that would take the young Houstonian to the far lengths of fandom and straight into a personal limelight of dedicated idolatry. Today, Moore spends a substantial chunk of her life ... More >>

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    July 16, 2013

    Beyoncé at Toyota Center, 7/15/2013

    Beyoncé Toyota Center July 15, 2013 Beyoncé is on another level, and this is something we take for granted. It's easy to forget with this current crop of pop divas just how long she's been around: "Crazy In Love" hit No. 1 in 2003 back when Lady Gaga was only 17, Taylor Swift only 13. But her gr ... More >>

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    July 16, 2013

    Houston Bows Down to Conquering Beyonce

    Beyonce Toyota Center July 15, 2013 Last night, amid the glitter cannons, wobbling, half-naked backup dancers, and umpteen costume changes, Beyonce did the unthinkable: she willingly wobbled her underarm. That's right; sporting a wicked little grin, Queen Bey reached up -- while belting out lyrics ... More >>

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    July 16, 2013

    Waiting for Beyonc: From Afterparty to Eternity

    photos by Marco TorresQueen Cora Dunham (center) with Les Twins at the Mrs. Carter Show Afterparty.Houston loves Beyonc. Monday, July 15th, 2013 will forever be remembered as the night she owned H-Town, performing a monster 24-song set at a sold-out Toyota Center show. Fans lined up from early in ... More >>

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    July 15, 2013

    The Best Concerts In Houston This Week: Beyonce, Brandon Rhyder, Mando Saenz, etc.

    Beyonce Toyota Center, July 15 How close to the center of pop culture is Beyonce these days? Here's a sample headline, which took us all of about ten seconds to find one recent morning: "Beyonce Wore a Balloon Hat While Eating an Ice Cream Cone, and Our Summer Is Officially Made." Tongue in ... More >>

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    July 9, 2013

    The Most Absurd Beyonce Headlines We've Seen Recently

    Being Beyonce is apparently a tough gig to pull off. Not only is she a pop icon, she's also a faux-baby-bump-sporting member of the Illuminati who is buying Neverland Ranch. And that's just the Bey of the past year or so. Look back a bit further and you'll figure out that she's been pregnant once ... More >>

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    April 5, 2013

    Five Artists Who Overshare On Twitter

    Social media has become quite the necessity among people worldwide. Websites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook allows people to express themselves in a public setting. Most celebrities take full advantage of the opportunity to not just promote milestones in their careers, but allowing their perso ... More >>

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    March 25, 2013

    Bow Down, Chickens: Beyoncé Reps Frenchy's in New Songs

    Houston's favorite son -- you didn't know Beyoncé is also known as King B? -- has been getting plenty of attention recently for her new songs, "Bow Down" and "I Been On." Some of the attention is positive: The Root praised the anthem for Beyoncé's "turn as a rapper," and Jezebel is calling the spl ... More >>

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    March 19, 2013

    Bow Down to Beyonce's Potty Mouth, Bitches

    Ooh, Beyonce! I see your potty mouth, and I kinda like it. Sunday evening, Queen B released a new song last night on Tumblr, "Bow Down/I Been Down," and there's a mass hysteria a-flowin' from the general public over it, as one would expect. It's freakin' Beyonce. I mean, who doesn't love thems ... More >>

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    February 28, 2013

    Molly Flogs Houston

    Flogging Molly makes the walls sweat at the House of Blues.

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    February 19, 2013

    Five Things We Learned From That Beyoncé Documentary on HBO

    Life is But a Dream, the HBO documentary about Beyoncé that was directed and produced by Beyoncé, premiered over the weekend. Did you watch it? Of course not, you're much too cool for that. Luckily for you, we ain't, because it was a pretty interesting little film. Not due to the narrative, mind ... More >>

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    February 4, 2013

    Beyonce Stoops to Conquer Toyota Center July 15

    Hot off the heels of her electrifying Super Bowl halftime performance, which some believe had something to do with the mysterious blackout at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome shortly into the game's third quarter, Beyonce announced after the game that she will hit the road later this year for her first w ... More >>

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    February 3, 2013

    Beyonce Blows 'Em Away In Wham-Bam Super Bowl Halftime

    An army of Beyonces. Can you handle it? The power circuits of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans might not have been able to. Sticking to a few high-kicking dance moves, bringing out a gaggle of dancers dressed exactly like her -- and then former Destiny's Child mates Kelly Rowland and Mich ... More >>

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    February 1, 2013

    The Destiny's Child Compilation Beyoncé Doesn't Want You to Hear

    With all the excitement buzzing around the rumored Destiny's Child reunion during Beyoncé's Super Bowl Halftime set on Sunday, one could be forgiven for picking up a copy of the iconic girl group's latest compilation album, the imaginatively titled Love Songs. After all, it includes a whole stack o ... More >>

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    January 31, 2013

    A Whole Lotta Harbaugh: Super Bowl XLVII BATTLE-DRINK Is Here!

    Super Bowl Sunday will be upon us soon. I have the good fortune of being able to cover the game in New Orleans this year, and from the bottom of my heart let me say that I wish I could bring each and every one of you with me. I really do. But I can't, so in lieu of cramming all of you into my renta ... More >>

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    January 31, 2013

    VIDEO: Beyonce Wows Super Bowl Press Conference Crowd By Singing Anthem Live

    Today at New Orleans' Morial Convention Center just blocks from the Superdome, diva Beyonce held court in front of throngs of media, detailing her Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII halftime show. She stunned the crowd by singing the national anthem live in front of us in the press pool, asking us to please st ... More >>

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    January 28, 2013

    Put a (Super Bowl) Ring On It: The Beyoncé Set List We'd Like to See

    Remember when it actually seemed halfway likely that the Texans could make the Super Bowl this season? Ha! Good times. After the team's collapse down the stretch, highlighted by a couple of humiliating losses to Tom Brady and pals, the only way Matt Schaub will be in the Superdome on this coming Sun ... More >>

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    January 22, 2013

    Beyonce vs. Whitney: Battle of the "Banner"

    "The Star-Spangled Banner," our nation's national anthem, is a notoriously difficult song to sing. Often arranged in an unforgiving key for vocalists, composer Francis Scott Key's melody is full of tricky intervals that make it even more precarious. This is a major reason most of the people around y ... More >>

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    January 11, 2013

    How Beyoncé Microwaved The News This Week

    Here's how a major announcement would roll in the life of Brando: short, quick, brief moments of celebration, smug congratulations and thank-yous from people before the realization that only douches do that sort of thing and I'd be captain of their army. And nobody wants to hitch a ride on that tr ... More >>

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    January 2, 2013

    Artopia 2013 Welcomes Poor Pilate, Bang Bangz, Bagheera

    Entering its fifth year, already, Houston Press Artopia (Saturday, January 26) has become one of the hottest wintertime tickets in town, a veritable buffet line of the Bayou City's hottest artists, dancers, designers, chefs and other creative types exhibiting their work. It's like a Super Bowl of Ho ... More >>

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    October 17, 2012

    Top 10 Great Guests for Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Beyonce, the queen of all showbiz, is expected to officially be named the halftime headliner at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans sometime today after MTV broke the news Tuesday afternoon. The choice seems fairly sensible. There are precious few pop stars of her magnitude out there right now, although ... More >>

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    October 16, 2012

    MTV: Beyonce Headlining Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

    Beyonce, native Houstonian, role model, Tumblr-keeper, wife of Jay-Z, friend and favorite of President Obama, supposedly has yet another feather to add to her headdress come February: Super Bowl Halftime headliner. According to, the 31-year-old HSPVA alumna will be the featured entertainmen ... More >>

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    September 4, 2012

    Happy B'Day, Beyoncé: 10 Gift Ideas for Houston's Homegrown Megastar

    "What do you get for the woman who has everything?" That question must have been plaguing Sean Carter for the past weeks, at least. His lovely wife, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, whom he so callously stole away from our fair city even though she is 100 percent too good for him, turns 31 today. In the p ... More >>

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    April 26, 2012

    Headlines We'll Never Believe: "Why Beyoncé Is Beyond Embarrassed She's the World's Most Beautiful Woman"

    In case you are just now emerging from your isolation chamber, Houston's Beyoncé has been named People magazine's Most Beautiful Woman. According to our friends at CultureMap, she is "beyond embarrassed" about this. To which we cheerfully say: Bullshit. As evidence, CultureMap cites this "behind ... More >>

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    January 23, 2012

    Enjoy Your Lunar New Year With Some Of Music's Greatest Butts

    According to Chinese reckoning, today marks the lunar new year. It's the Year of the Dragon. Specifically, the Year of the Water Dragon, which I'm told will bestow a peaceful energy on the coming year, favoring the ideals of negotiation and forward thinking. I know, right? BOOORING. We Americans kn ... More >>

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    January 17, 2012

    New Horsefly Species Named For Beyonce: 5 Better Names It Should Have Gotten

    There's bootlicious gold in them thar hills​The Washington Post reported that an Australian researcher had discovered a new species of horsefly and, because it's backside was gold and therefore "bootylicious," he was naming it after Houston's own Beyonce. The species will henceforth be known ... More >>

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    January 9, 2012

    Beyonce's Baby Shower: Celebrity Gift Suggestions

    With every gossip site on the planet reporting that Beyonce has given birth to Blue Ivy Carter just yesterday, Rocks Off suddenly realized that we haven't gotten her a thing! While we make a quick Target run, we thought it might be fun to ponder what sort of gifts Beyonce and Jay's rich celebrity p ... More >>

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    October 14, 2011

    Five Musical MILFs Who Rocked Pregnancy

    Beyoncé's ever-changing baby bump.​In the world of prominent celebrities, it's headlining news even if that famous person sneezes. So in when Houston's own Beyoncé announced her pregnancy at the 2011 VMA's in August, the media and fans went into a frenzy of reactions. Some were elated, some ... More >>

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    October 13, 2011
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    July 28, 2011
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    June 30, 2011
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    June 28, 2011

    What Was The Biggest Surprise At Sunday's BET Awards?

    Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday (or thereabouts), Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture. Photos illustration by John Seaborn Gray​This Week's Panel: Bun B, Slim Thug, Killa Cal Wayne, Kiotti, Mac, Yung Chill, C ... More >>

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    June 28, 2011

    Out Today: Beyonce's 4 Is Square, Limp Bizkit Chokes The Cobra

    What is this I don't even....​This week in new releases sees is one of the most varied in months, with new discs by Beyonce, Limp Bizkit, Dolly Parton, and Thievery Corporation hitting shelves and digital outlets today. By far though, the sexiest album cover is the Beyonce art for 4, and the m ... More >>

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    June 24, 2011

    Magazine Covers Beyonce Hasn't Been On... Yet

    Beyonce: She's got issues.​If a butterfly flutters its wings in a Sony Music executive's stomach, does it cause an earthquake at the cash register? Beyonce's label certainly hopes so, because advance word about the singer's new album 4, due Tuesday, has been lackluster enough that according to ... More >>

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    June 22, 2011

    Sony May Reunite Destiny's Child If Beyonce Album Stiffs

    Daniel KramerBeyonce at Toyota Center, July 2009​Following the lackluster response to Beyonce's 4, which leaked onto the Internet wholesale earlier this month, the singer's label has gone into crisis mode and is even considering another Destiny's Child reunion, The New York Post reported today ... More >>

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    June 9, 2011

    Beyonce Nude, Still A Texas Gal At Heart

    Funny, she seems to have clothes on here...​Rocks Off has been clicking our "This Week In Beyonce" category more and more lately, and we expect to keep doing so as the hype builds surrounding her latest album, 4, which is scheduled to be released June 28 but leaked to the Internet Wednesday. ... More >>

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    June 8, 2011

    Beyonce Throws A "Party" With Kanye, Andre 3000 & Slick Rick

    ​Beyonce's wildly anticipated 4 has leaked three weeks ahead of its scheduled release date. One of the songs on the album, "Party," finds Bey joining forces with Kanye West and rap's greatest hermit Andre 3000. It starts with a classic Kanyeism: "You a bad girl and your friend's bad too/Oh, y ... More >>

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    May 19, 2011

    Idol Beat: The Doom That Came To Haley

    May the best...oh, who am I kidding?​Two hours. We're down to three contestants and the program last night lingered for two freaking hours. It's hard to blame Fox. NBC is coming up on the outside with The Voice, ABC has a slew of new programs debuting in the fall (a reboot of Charlie's Angels ... More >>

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