Celeste Cheramie

  • Culture

    December 5, 1996

    Static Wit

    Main Street's take on Wilde isn't Ideal, but it's not bad

  • Culture

    July 4, 1996
  • Culture

    January 25, 1996

    Well Constructed

    Everything combines to make With and Without a strong creation

  • Culture

    January 12, 1995

    World Enough, and Slime

    Theater LaB goes after the next deadly sin -- greed

  • Culture

    August 25, 1994

    Communist Comedy

    Main Street takes Charles Busch's Red-baiting spoof over the top

  • Culture

    March 3, 1994

    Love Is Murder

    In the bleak future of Beirut, AIDS turns sex into a weapon and love into a battleground