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    November 3, 2014

    Gogol Bordello at Warehouse Live, 10/31/2014

    Gogol Bordello Warehouse Live October 31, 2014 Gogol Bordello's Houston fans came to Warehouse Live for a Halloween show. The band made sure it turned into a Dia de Los Muertos celebration by playing a set that flipped the calendar and was anything but dead. According to front man Eugene Hutz, it' ... More >>

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    September 23, 2014

    Depressing Photos From Northwest Mall

    Northwest Mall, the 800,000 square-foot shopping center situated right behind the U.S. 290 and 610 Loop construction project, is up for sale, according to the Chron. The listing company says the site is ideally suited for a hotel, multifamily housing, office, and retail development. The listing co ... More >>

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    August 18, 2014

    Iggy or Isn't She? "Fancy" Star's No-Show Leaves Some Fans Upset

    Some Houston fans are upset and wondering what happened after rapper/pop star Iggy Azalea's purported appearance at a popular Midtown dance club this weekend never materialized -- or if it was ever truly on the books to begin with. The event had been promoted by Houston-based Sticky Promo, the loca ... More >>

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    March 21, 2013

    Not Just Vinyl

    Houston's Top 5 record stores.

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    March 8, 2013

    Hates Singer Looks Back on 35 Years of Houston Punk Rock

    As the singer, guitarist, and chief songwriter for the Hates -- Houston's most enduring punk rock band and a local institution -- Christian Kidd (nee' Christian Arnheiter, Christian Oppression, and Christian Anarchy) has seen a lot. And with the band nearing its 35th anniversary (with Kidd as the ... More >>

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    February 21, 2013

    Old Habits Die Hard

    Breaking new ground in incoherence and stupidity.

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    August 16, 2012

    Screaming "Silence"

    The multifaceted show at the Menil, curated by Toby Kamps, offers an overabundance of riches.

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    June 21, 2012

    When the Sh*t Hits the Fan

    Whether it's a coupon-clipping, back-to-nature guy escaping the rat race, or someone certain we're on the brink of war or a future in which Barack Obama has taken away our guns, preppers are ready. The rest of us, maybe not so much.

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    August 12, 2011

    Happy International Youth Day: 6 Songs For The Young

    Kenneth Freeman​Rocks Off has become obsessed lately with finding playlists to celebrated some of the more obscure holidays on the calendar, and thankfully the United Nations is just great at providing those. Today is International Youth Day, a holiday that started in 2000 and is designed to b ... More >>

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    January 12, 2011

    Health Dept. Roundup

    ‚ÄčThe health department slapped a few familiar names with code violations this week. From the city's website: Things got so bad at the Midtown Which Wich (510 Gray) that inspectors temporarily closed the place. "Potentially hazardous" food was not held at the correct temperature; food was being st ... More >>

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    December 29, 2010

    Hugh Hefner's Fiancee: 11 Things That Are Older Than Her

    Crystal Harris: Not older than Iron Eagle​You know what is messed up and completely awesome? Hugh Hefner was 60 years old when his current fiancee, Crystal Harris, was born. Hef was hatched on April 9, 1926, and six decades and 20 days later his soon-to-be bride was born in Lake Havasu, Arizon ... More >>

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    October 15, 2010

    Shiftwork Bites: Pasta Carbonara

    The station set-up.​I am a shift-worker. I spend half my life working 12 hours overnight, stuck staring at a bank of computer monitors near the top of a downtown office building. To most, the concept of working long hours and flipping constantly between day and night schedules sounds awful. It ... More >>

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    April 22, 2010

    The Man Who Sued the Pope

    Houston's Daniel Shea thinks Joseph Ratzinger has a lot to answer for if he'd talk.

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    February 25, 2010

    Oscar Time

    The 2010 Academy Award-nominated Shorts screen at the Angelika.

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    December 24, 2009

    Pop Rocks: The Year In Houston Movies

    Like most years, 2009 wasn't hugely eventful for Houston as a movie town. There wasn't a big, locally filmed tentpole release like Armageddon, and most news revolved around the death of one of the city's biggest celebrities or, to a much lesser extent, the inaugural Cinema Arts Festival.Some movies ... More >>

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    January 12, 2009

    Of Course They're Building A "Green" Hotel In Houston

    When you think Houston, you definitely think "green." You think unabashed commitment to the environment. You think "The Portland of the South."At least you do, apparently, if you're Starwood Hotels, that branch of the Sheraton company.Starwood has announced  they're opening a series of "green h ... More >>

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    November 29, 2007

    The Smoking Ban

    Has it been good for Houston? A dozen local music figures sound off

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    October 18, 2007

    Get Lit: The World Without Us, by Alan Weisman

    In The World Without Us, author Alan Weisman asks a simple question: What would happen to the Earth if human beings were suddenly wiped out tomorrow? Not in some nuclear blast that would ravage the planet, but in some way (the how is unimportant) that removed us from the scene. The answers, and the ... More >>

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    September 13, 2007
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    March 23, 2006
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    March 9, 2006

    Bring It On

    Why Houston should want a nuclear power plant

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    October 30, 2003

    Is This Guy Too Smart to Be Mayor?

    Bill White hopes brains and big bucks will get him elected

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    February 6, 2003

    Business with the Unusual

    Bill White steps into his own political spotlight

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    October 10, 2002

    Tipsy Gypsies

    Gogol Bordello combines Balkan folk traditions with a theater of anarchy

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    December 28, 2000

    Butter Yourself Up

    Looking for food-related New Year's resolutions? Start by swearing off margarine.

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    January 20, 2000


    Save Ferris

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    October 21, 1999
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    January 7, 1999
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    July 23, 1998

    Trench Warfare

    There's a hole carved out of the earth 32 feet deep, 210 feet wide, and 400 feet long near the Texas-Mexico border.

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    September 25, 1997

    New Studio, Same Old Stuff

    DreamWorks's first film is a conventional tale of glam and guns

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    February 29, 1996

    Escargot A Go-Go

    Gene Weaver always had a big idea. Selling snail dreams was to have been his last hurrah.

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    August 3, 1995
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    January 19, 1995