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    October 17, 2013

    10 Swang-and-Bang Anthems for Sunday's SLAB Parade

    Just so you know, that low, persistent rumbling you feel in your gut this Sunday afternoon will have nothing to do with the Whataburger you pounded down at 3 a.m. the night before. It'll be the ultrasonic bass emanating from the popped trunks of 50 customized vehicles swangin' through Third Ward as ... More >>

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    August 29, 2013

    10 Songs We Never, Ever Want to Hear Again, Ever

    "Gangnam Style," Psy I'm not going to deny it. The first time I saw the video for "Gangnam Style," I was amused, but not enough to watch it again. The only problem with that was the fact that almost every American decided to either recreate "Gangnam Style" or share videos of other idiots dancing aro ... More >>

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    April 11, 2013

    Police Protection: Speeding While Silent

    HPD policies governing lights, high speeds and sirens are supposedly there to safeguard the public. Tell that to Mattie Etubom.

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    April 19, 2012

    Driver Drunk At Rush Hour Kills Man, Bayou Body Count No. 46

    A 24-year-old man who was drunk at 6 p.m. killed a 57-year-old man by speeding through a red light, Houston police say. Kevin Aviles was traveling at a high rate of speed on the South Loop's eastbound service road when he ran through a red light at South Wayside, police say. His Ford Explorer stru ... More >>

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    December 21, 2011

    Hao Huynh: HPD Seeks Killer of UH Student

    Photo via HPDHao Huynh: Killed in a robbery.​Houston police are asking for help in solving the December 18 murder of UH student Hao Huynh, 22, who was shot in a robbery as he returned home from a party. HPD says the killing took place about 2:35 a.m. that Sunday morning at the Catalina Villag ... More >>

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    October 10, 2011

    Susan Young: Dies Using Heights Boulevard Jogging Trail

    The jogging path along the median on Heights Boulevard is a great asset -- a nice trail, nice neighborhood, nice vibe. But you're crossing side streets every so often, and people -- you have to pay attention. A 38-year-old woman died this weekend after being hit by a car at 11th Street. Houston p ... More >>

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    September 22, 2011
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    April 23, 2009

    Wild Rides

    Between serious safety and environmental concerns, the Toyota Prius isn't the angel that everyone thinks it is.

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    March 24, 2009

    Cop Moonlights At Bank, Robs It, Gets Recognized

    You know the expression, "Don't shit where you eat?" Well, you could probably add "Don't rob your own employer or you'll be recognized and arrested" to the list.Earlier today, the FBI and Conroe Police Department announced that 20-plus year Conroe PD veteran Sgt. Michael Tindall has been charged in ... More >>

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    November 7, 2007

    Miss Pop Rocks: Lloyd Dobler, How Could You?

    Let me say right up front that on a conscious level Miss Pop Rocks fully understands that John Cusack is not, in fact, Lloyd Dobler, star of the great 80s film Say Anything. Miss Pop Rocks knows that Lloyd Dobler is a fictional character, and that there is really probably no real boy out there who ... More >>

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    June 1, 2000


    Blending electronica sounds with goth attitude, Kathodik Musik Rekords has struck on a unique market