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    April 10, 2014

    100 Favorite Dishes 2014: A Love Letter to Houston Food

    Celebrating our city's diverse culinary scene.

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    March 3, 2014

    Dish of the Week: Hushpuppies

    From classic comfort foods to regional standouts and desserts, we'll be sharing a new recipe with you each week. See the complete list of recipes at the end of this post. This week, we're sharing a Southern classic perfect for your Mardi Gras celebrations: the hushpuppy. The term hush-puppy was fi ... More >>

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    February 7, 2014

    100 Favorite Dishes 2013-2014: No. 34, Chiles de Padron Asados at Caracol

    This year, leading up to our annual Menu of Menus® issue, Kaitlin Steinberg counts down her 100 favorite dishes as she eats her way through Houston. She'll compile a collection of the dishes she thinks are the most awesome, most creative and, of course, most delicious in town. It's a list of person ... More >>

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    February 6, 2014

    Where to Eat on Valentine's Day

    FYI, it's on a Friday.

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    January 30, 2014
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    January 22, 2014

    A Surprisingly Darn Good Lunch at Little Woodrow's

    When I think of a sports bar, I think of beer and carelessly made, cookie-cutter versions of fried food. So when I went to the newest Little Woodrow's, which is on Shepherd, to watch some Sunday football with a group of friends, I wasn't planning to eat lunch. That is, until my girlfriend told me I ... More >>

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    October 31, 2013

    Houston's Top 10 Pizzas

    The rest of the best 2013.

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    October 22, 2013

    Mission Burrito of the Month: Creamy Chicken Poblano

    God, we live in a great town. Each month, I can look forward to a special hot dog at James Coney Island, a special taco at Torchy's, and a special burrito at Mission Burrito. Sampling these seasonal offerings is almost time-consuming enough to warrant not having gainful employment. Then again, I n ... More >>

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    October 17, 2013

    Cheap and Good Eats: The Top 5 Budget Lunch Spots in River Oaks

    Yesterday, we brought you the Top 5 Budget Lunch Spots in Montrose. Today, we're moving right next-door to its upscale neighbor, River Oaks. But just because this area is a bit ritzy, don't think for a second there aren't plenty of great dining deals. Here's our list of the best cheap (under $10) ... More >>

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    October 3, 2013

    Sunday Brunching With TQLA's Insanely Decadent Mole

    On a recent Sunday "morning" I woke up with a massive craving for chicken enchiladas. Okay, so it was nearing noon and I may have had a teeny bit of a hangover, but all the better to brunch with, my dear. My fiancé and I decided to try out TQLA on Washington, since we hadn't been, and, let's face ... More >>

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    September 4, 2013

    5 More Awesome Things to Eat at Buc-ee's

    A few weeks ago, I wrote about my ritual of stopping by mega-convenience store Buc-ee's on my way to visit family in the Hill Country. Because I visit my folks pretty regularly, I stop at Buc-ee's a lot. It's not really a road trip unless I do. I listed the top 5 things to eat at Buc-ee's, includin ... More >>

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    August 9, 2013

    The 5 Best Things to Eat or Drink This Weekend: French Cuisine and English Tea

    Celebrating Julia Child @ Sur La Table Saturday 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. 1996 West Gray "No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing." Great advice from beloved chef Julia Child, who's being honored this weekend in a cooking class by Sur La Table in River Oaks. Tilly Sherwood will instruct student ... More >>

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    June 13, 2013

    Burger King's Poblano Chicken Sandwich Technically Does Not Exist

    I've been riding a recent wave of fast-food good luck that peaked when I found the Whataburger Monterey Melt. I was so enamored of that particular sandwich that I began seeking out other fast-food burgers to compare it to. So when I drove away from the Burger King drive-thru the other day without th ... More >>

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    June 10, 2013

    What's Cooking This Week? Easy Chicken Fajitas & More

    I love cooking for my fiancé and me, but most of the time, cooking for two proves to be difficult. If I don't make a plan, I end up running around in circles at the grocery store and wasting half the ingredient's I've bought (and I hate wasting food). Enter What's Cooking This Week -- my weekly mea ... More >>

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    May 24, 2013

    Chef Chat, Part 3: Ruben Ortega of Hugo's and the Traditional Foods of Mexico

    This week, we've been chatting with Ruben Ortega of Hugo's and Backstreet Cafe. This is the third and final part of a three-part Chef Chat series. If you missed our previous posts, you can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Ruben is the lesser known sibling of Hugo Ortega, and his official title at ... More >>

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    May 16, 2013

    Getting Your Ital-Mex Fusion Fix at Bellissimo

    Bellissimo is the Heights-area trattoria with a tinge of taqueria.

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    April 29, 2013

    The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 "Classic" Food Trucks

    What differentiates a "classic" food truck from those on last week's list of Houston's Top 10 "Fancy" Food Trucks? For starters, a classic food truck has been around for at least a few years prior to the gourmet food truck craze -- if not a decade longer. Classic food trucks are usually found at th ... More >>

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    July 25, 2012

    New Whataburger Menu Features Salads, Grilled Cheese, and 550 Cal-or-Less Selections

    As far as fast food goes, I'm pretty happy with Whataburger. My go-to hangover burger was always McDonald's, but since I moved to Texas, the 24-hour Whataburger has taken the top spot. So color me excited when Whataburger sent out a press release highlighting its new menu, with a new section dedicat ... More >>

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    July 19, 2012

    Tandoori Nite

    This food truck, located next to a gas station, serves Indian cuisine under the stars.

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    March 28, 2012

    Mexican? Honduran? Chinese? Have It All at El Jalapeño

    I am not wary of fast-fusion restaurants in general. To wit, there's a terrific Vietnamese-Honduran place in Gulfton called Hoagies & More. The place doesn't serve any hoagies at all, but does make some excellent pupusas and bubble teas. But it can go terribly wrong, as with the Chinese-Italian-Mex ... More >>

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    March 15, 2012
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    January 9, 2012

    What's Cooking This Week?

    Last week's Red Chicken Chili hit the spot. I'm still not sure which way I liked it better; in a bowl topped with a dollop of low-fat sour cream or in a whole wheat soft taco with some homemade guacamole. Either way, I felt good eating it knowing exactly what was in it. I'll be continuing on my jour ... More >>

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    December 8, 2011

    Gran Success

    The infused tequilas and modern Tex-Mex at this neighborhood hangout are bien bueno.

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    October 19, 2011

    Of Ghost Peppers and Cristal: The Dudebro as Self-Parody

    The video above was making the rounds on the Internet earlier this week under such headlines as "Dudebro chugs entire bottle of Cristal." I was recovering from a bout of food poisoning on Monday and couldn't bring myself to watch something so intentionally nauseating, so I didn't view the video in ... More >>

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    September 8, 2011

    Comment of the Day: A Better HFD Patch for Magnolia Park

    ​We have some great commenters here on Hair Balls, and it's time we paid some damn attention to them. So we'll be highlighting a Comment of the Day each morning, from the previous day's work. Maybe two comments, even. This will all be determined by a highly rigorous scientific formula involv ... More >>

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    August 11, 2011

    Tunnel Explorer: How Do You Roll?

    Mmmmm, Tunnel Sushi.​Tunnel Sushi. Just the sound of it makes me shudder a little bit. Even more so than tunnel filet, this just sounds like a recipe for disaster. When I first learned about How Do You Roll?, I was less than enthusiastic. Of course, I take my job as Tunnel Explorer seriously. ... More >>

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    June 29, 2011

    Burger Revolution at Central Market

    Carrie Applegate JaegerCowboy Burger​Are you guilty of creating boring burgers with uninspired toppings? Central Market is here to rescue you. Now through July 5, the store is featuring burgers and their sidekicks throughout the store. David Kiser, Head of Central Market's Cooking School, s ... More >>

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    May 6, 2011

    Tequila Talk with Stewart Skloss of Pura Vida Tequila - Part 2

    The three Pura Vida labels and the limited edition Extra Anejo​Wednesday, we spoke with Stewart Skloss of Pura Vida Tequila and learned a little about how his brand got started and what makes Pura Vida stand out from the big names in tequila. Today, we talk food and "The Gibbons."

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    April 7, 2011

    Happy Hour Scene: Royal Oak Bar & Grill

    ​ The Place: Royal Oak Bar & Grill 1318 Westheimer 281-974-4752 The Hours: 4 to 8 p.m. Mondays through Fridays The Deals:$2 domestics, $3 house wine, $4 martinis, $1 off drafts, $10 select bottles of wine The Scene: My friend Ethan has trouble turning down free food. He says it's because he ... More >>

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    March 7, 2011

    What a Crock: Pinto Beans

    ​It's important to have a good bean recipe in the crock pot arsenal, especially living here in Texas. Beans are versatile, and if made properly, can be quite delicious. Let's see how this crock pot pinto bean recipe turned out. The rundown I'm not going to sit here and tell you this is the ... More >>

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    February 25, 2011

    Bartender Chat: J. Hal Brock of Hearsay Gastro Lounge

    ​ "It's pronounced 'Hal' apeno," Hal Brock corrected me with a smile as I attempt to order his namesake cocktail. Not like "hall," but like the name "Hal" or "Al." Honestly, after taking a few sips of this zesty, yet refreshing, cocktail while chatting with Hal at Hearsay Gastro Lounge, I co ... More >>

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    February 17, 2011

    At Home at Julio

    Monterrey expats flock to Tacos del Julio.

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    December 27, 2010

    What a Crock: Spicy Black-Eyed Peas

    ​Nothing says Happy New Year's like a bowl of black-eyed peas, and there's not a better way to prepare them than in a crock pot. The run down Before you roll your eyes and completely dismiss eating black-eyed peas this holiday season, take a gander at this recipe. It's got a little something ... More >>

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    December 21, 2010

    Recipe: Cuban Picadillo Enchiladas

    Will Merydith​It is essential to have a few recipes in your repertoire that are simple to make, you generally have the ingredients for on hand, and taste great in a matter of minutes. This makes life so much easier when guests unexpectedly drop by or you decide to host an impromptu dinner par ... More >>

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    October 22, 2010

    Reporting from the Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium: Thacker Mountain Radio Show, Mississippi Masala, and a Talk by Robb Walsh

    Robb Walsh, right. ​The 13th Annual Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium officially kicks off today, but the fun got started Thursday night with the Thacker Mountain Radio show and some dinner offerings in line with the "Global South" theme, including Mississippi Masala by Suvir Saran. Thack ... More >>

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    June 17, 2010

    Don't Miss Dish

    Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Nachos at Cyclone Anaya's

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    November 9, 2009

    Top 5 Hot Sauces That Will Make You Cry Like A Baby

    Watery eyes, runny nose, burning throat. No, it's not allergy season. It's the delicious pain of hot sauce. Here is our list of top five fiery sauces that will make you cry like a baby. 1. El Yucateco Green Habañero Hot Sauce - This is quite possibly the hottest sauce we have ever tasted. We fi ... More >>

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    September 3, 2009
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    May 1, 2008
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    March 27, 2008
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    March 15, 2007
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    November 30, 2006
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    July 6, 2006
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    July 14, 2005

    Old Dog, New Tricks

    Onion Creek Coffee House

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    July 1, 2004

    African Hideaway

    Addisaba has an air of foreign intrigue — and awesome kifto and yedoro wot

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    October 2, 2003

    Frankincense and Popcorn

    Coffee and conversation at Blue Nile

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    April 24, 2003
  • Dining

    March 13, 2003

    A Tale of Two Moles

    To make from scratch or use a paste -- that is the question

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    October 30, 1997

    The Not-So-Grand Canyon

    At Post Oak and Westheimer, Mark Miller meets Wally World

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    September 4, 1997

    Sold American

    With his eponymous new cafe, Mark Cox sheds his Tony's past

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