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    November 25, 2011

    Last Night: The Handshake, Caddywhompus and Sideshow Tramps at Fitzgerald's

    ​Thanksgiving ended up being kind of boring. Besides eating too many plates of knockoff Luby's mac and cheese, we were inundated with hours worth of "I'm thankful for..." Facebook statuses and Twitter feeds. Yes, we do spend entire days on the innerwebs. Anyway, by the time the sun went down ... More >>

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    March 7, 2011

    Saturday Night: By The End Of Tonight Reunion At Fitzgerald's

    Photos by Marc Brubaker​By The End Of Tonight, Young Mammals, B L A C K I E, Art Füx, Caddywhompus Fitzgerald's March 5, 2011 By the end of the show on Saturday night, there was no longer any potential energy left in Fitzgerald's upstairs room; it had been entirely converted into kinetic fo ... More >>

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    January 21, 2011

    Instant Crunk: All The Local Music News You Can Handle

    ​It's that time again! We've slogged through Twitter streams and RSS feeds just to bring everyone up to speed on Houston's prolific music scene. So let's get down to the business of getting down, starting with our soundtrack for the week: a 49-minute mix from DJ Sun, performing at The Flat. I ... More >>

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    January 28, 2010

    In the Land of Meyer, a Young Bluesman Searches for a Fanbase

    Photos and video by Matthew Keever​ In the back corner of Fioza Café, self-proclaimed "folksy-bluesy-rock" artist Nathan Quick belts his heart out to a group of barely 20 people, not all of whom are listening. Quick's raspy moan echoes through the mostly empty shop and all but drowns out the espr ... More >>

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    June 26, 2009

    Friday Night Noise: Caddywhompus and Alarmcock

    Caddywhompus, "Fun Times at Whiskey Bay": If nothing else, this Houston/New Orleans noise-pop unit is a prime contender/offender for an international "worst name imaginable" contest. Singer/percussionist Sean Hart and singer/guitarist/keyboard player Chris Rehm are certainly more plugged-in than the ... More >>

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    September 27, 2007

    Rise Over Ruin

    Riff Tiffs’ frontman has moved to the back of the band

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    August 16, 2007

    Riff Tiffs


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    July 26, 2007

    Teen Bands

    From Doo Doo Butter to The Dimes, kids leave cover songs and garages behind