Denise Ramos

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    January 31, 2008

    Last Rock Box

    Don’t come a knockin’, because after today the box won’t be rockin’

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    January 10, 2008

    Goodbye, Proletariat

    The Montrose clubhouse is closing. What now?

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    December 13, 2007

    Proletariat’s Denise Ramos: “It Just Didn’t Make Sense for Me to Keep Dealing with This”

    Photo by Matt Marrand A typically packed Rock Box crowd stuffs the Proletariat, circa 2005 Since opening in September 2002, the Proletariat has been both neighborhood bar for the Richmond/Montrose crowd and the place for Pitchfork readers across the Houston area to see the bands they’ve been rea ... More >>

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    December 11, 2007

    This Just In: Proletariat’s Days Are Numbered

    Proletariat owner Denise Ramos emailed the Press this morning with a statement that she is closing the popular local venue in February due to Metro’s plans to build a light-rail line on Richmond Avenue, which the local transportation agency has said will be completed by 2012. “I truly feel that ... More >>

  • News

    August 30, 2007

    Smoked Out

    Will "self-enforcement" be enough for Houston's expanded smoking ban to work?

  • Culture

    August 12, 2004

    Double Trouble

    Two juried shows stir up the Houston art scene

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    July 8, 2004
  • Culture

    August 14, 2003

    Right at Home

    Local artists show off their work at Lawndale's annual Big Show

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    August 7, 2003

    Female Fear

    An exhibition pays tribute to holocaust victims at a camp for women

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    February 8, 2001

    Caveat Vendor

    A converted cigarette machine peddles a new addiction: Miniature art