Diane Barber

  • Culture

    October 13, 2011

    "Fair" Game

    At DiverseWorks, curator Diane Barber sends up our city's new obsession with art fairs.

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    September 23, 2010


    Gonzo247 kicks off a season-long series of large-scale aerosol graffiti art

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    June 12, 2009

    Last Call For Art: This Weekend's Closings

    Four exhibits at Lawndale Art Center close this Saturday including "Washington Avenue: Forgotten to Gentrified," a photo exhibit by Robert Sennhauser that looks at the near-downtown neighborhood and the changes it's currently undergoing. Among the highlights of the exhibit are Sennhauser's taped int ... More >>

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    September 4, 2008

    Clear Channel Has The Balls CBS Doesn't, When It Comes To Semi-Controversial Billboards

    File this in a drawer marked Things We Never Thought We’d Say: Go, Clear Channel! The company has agreed to run billboards for the Soldier Billboard Project, which feature Suzanne Opton’s photos of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The billboards were originally slated to be run by ... More >>

  • Culture

    November 22, 2007

    Claude Wampler

    The performance artist plays with the audience at DiverseWorks

  • Culture

    February 15, 2007

    Playing Hard to Get

    A DiverseWorks show so complicated, it has a reference section

  • Culture

    October 5, 2006

    The End of Days

    DiverseWorks goes apocalyptic in "Run For Your Lives!"

  • Culture

    December 15, 2005

    Grab Bag

    DiverseWorks surveys Texas painting -- good and not-so-good

  • Culture

    May 12, 2005

    Brave New Art

    Artists take on corporations and the government in "Thought Crimes"

  • Culture

    February 13, 2003

    Don't Call the Cops!

    William Pope.L's "eRacism" crawls into town

  • News

    November 9, 2000

    Not Your Standard Issue

    Architects design one-of-a-kind houses for the Fifth Ward, trying to prove that even lower-end houses don't have to be a cookie-cutter box