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    July 24, 2014

    Let the Food of El Sazon de Cuba Put You in a Miami State of Mind

    It's only fitting they make a perfect Cubano.

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    July 23, 2014

    This Week In Food Blogs: Burgers, Burgers & More Burgers

    New York Times: The NYT sat down with Lisa Fain, blogger of Homesick Texan, and who is originally from the great city of Houston, but currently lives in New York. Fain recently released her new cookbook, "The Homesick Texan's Family Table," and during her book tour, she made several food stops throu ... More >>

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    June 5, 2014

    The Five Best New Food Trucks in Houston 2014

    Armed with only a truck and a dream (well, and a batch of recipes), these food entrepreneurs continue to fan out across Houston.

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    June 5, 2014

    Glazed Opens Soon & Offers Gourmet Doughnuts 24 Hours a Day

    You may think we have enough doughnuts in Houston. Christy's, BB Donuts and Shipley Do-Nuts provide us with simple glazed yeast doughnuts and other cake options; Peña's Donut Heaven creates wild and crazy treats topped with everything from Froot Loops to Reese's Pieces; and now we have a mobile dou ... More >>

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    May 9, 2014

    Openings & Closings: It's Good To Have You Back, MF Sushi

    Last week ended with sad news when local baker, Jody Stevens, lost her home in a fire. Thankfully she was not at her home during the fire, but she lost everything inside her home, including the the tools she uses for her cake business, Jodycakes. Various restaurateurs and chefs have created fundrais ... More >>

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    May 9, 2014

    Pachanga Fest: A Latino-Music Spread Worth Driving West

    For anyone who loves music, it would be a dream come true if some of your favorite bands accepted an invitation to play a show in your backyard. Throw in a variety of delicious food, cold drinks and a handful of your family and friends, and you might stumble upon the creation of a pachanga, which me ... More >>

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    May 1, 2014

    Five Hidden Gems to Discover in Chinatown

    Here's where you should be eating but probably aren't.

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    April 25, 2014

    Openings & Closings: Want Some Doughnuts With That Ice Cream?

    As May quickly approaches, we gear up to welcome several highly anticipated restaurants. But, before we get to that news, let's take a look at two notable shutters. River Oaks and Upper Kirby folks said goodbye to Crescent City Beignets on Westheimer near the beginning of the month. The Subway, dry ... More >>

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    April 15, 2014

    Top 10 Easter Candies for Your Basket

    The grocery stores are PACKED with Easter candies, and there's a lot to choose from. You don't want to make a poor decision when buying some of the worst candies, like Easter candy corn. Seriously? That's disgusting. Kaitlin Steinberg created her list of the worst Easter candies, and I have made my ... More >>

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    April 10, 2014

    100 Favorite Dishes 2014: A Love Letter to Houston Food

    Celebrating our city's diverse culinary scene.

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    March 13, 2014

    Roost Bistro Debuts New Dishes

    It may be the best yet.

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    March 4, 2014

    Like That Chain Restaurant? Try This Local One Instead (Part II)

    Maybe your friend is obsessed with Cheesecake Factory. Maybe your kids scream for nuggets every time you pass Chik-fil-A (we don't blame them), but you don't exactly agree with their politics. Maybe you're just in one giant, chain-restaurant-filled eating rut. We've urged you to step away from the ... More >>

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    January 30, 2014
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    January 27, 2014

    Jack Daniel's and Ginger: Does The Ginger Ale Make a Difference?

    Jack Daniel's and Ginger Ale isn't as simple as it may seem.

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    January 9, 2014

    10 Signs You Grew Up Eating Food in Southeast Texas

    Do your non-Texan friends wonder why you call every soda a coke, even if it's a Dr Pepper? Do they ask you why you only suggest restaurants that serve barbecue, Tex-Mex or comfort food? Or do they have no clue what you're talking about when you say the word, "kolache"? These things don't make you we ... More >>

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    September 26, 2013

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Does It All in Don Jon, Except Dance

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt triumphs over online porn.

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    August 22, 2013
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    July 10, 2013

    This Week In Food Blogs: Witchy Sandwiches, Chilled Tomato-Peanut Soup & More

    Jack Around: Sandy Witch Sandwich Company opened last week, so Jack checked out the new food truck from Pi Pizza Truck owner, Anthony Calleo. Sandy Witch Sandwich Company serves up a variety of sandwiches with daring ingredients, like the Madame Blavatsky sandwich featuring brined chicken, and the s ... More >>

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    July 4, 2013

    Tucanos Brazilian Grill Opens

    Sugar Land finally has a traditional Brazilian restaurant.

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    May 29, 2013

    This Week in Food Blogs: Cheap, Local Pastries and a New Favorite Burger

    Examiner: Looking for a dessert just for yourself? No, it's not a cupcake. The Examiner serves up a recipe for a single-serving cake on the go. If it comes out anything like what's in the picture, you're in for a sinful yet delicious treat. Gastronaut: Tucked inside a neighborhood grocery store, Fo ... More >>

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    May 15, 2013

    Need More Camo in Your Life? Spruce Up Your License Plate for a Good Cause

    If you've never felt the need to accessorize every last thing in your life, you may have no idea about the world of options that exist when it comes to license plate customization. We're not just talking the six-letter/number message you can display, either; there are over 140 license plate backgrou ... More >>

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    December 26, 2012

    Robert Earl Keen's "Christmas" Present That Keeps Right On Regifting

    For many people, the Christmas spirit fades as soon as the last trash bag bulging with wrapping paper hits the curb. Texas singer-songwriter emeritus Robert Earl Keen is counting on goodwill toward men lasting at least through the end of his "Merry Christmas from the Fam-O-Lee" tour that stops at Ho ... More >>

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    November 30, 2012

    Texans Fans Share Their Game Day Superstitions

    In the mid '90s when the Rockets were winning back-to-back titles in the NBA, I was a bit of a diehard. I watched every game, attended as many as I could and got pretty animated during games. Let's just say I left a few remote controls in my wake. I did manage to get my rabid fandom under control an ... More >>

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    November 13, 2012

    Dining Out on Turkey Day: Where to Eat This Thanksgiving

    Let's face it, sometimes a "home-cooked" meal in a restaurant is better than anything we can whip up at home. Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most difficult, time-consuming and stressful meals to make if you don't normally cook meals at home. But, there's one thing to be thankful for this year, ... More >>

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    October 23, 2012

    Look at What One of Our Writers Has Gone and Done

    Provided they're not making us wish them bodily harm (kidding), Rocks Off is proud of each and every one of our writers. But sometimes one of them up and does something that makes us give them an extra pat on the head and a biscuit to go along with it. Like right now. The writer in question is our ... More >>

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    October 9, 2012

    New Calorie-Displaying Soda Vending Machines: 5 Reasons Why they Won't Significantly Aid America's Obesity

    There's just no getting around it: Americans have a love affair with soft drinks. Dr Pepper, Sprite, Coke, Pepsi, Fanta - you name it, we love it. It's a soft drink love fest -- until we remember all the calories that soft drinks contain, and the fact that those sugar- and calorie-filled beverages p ... More >>

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    October 3, 2012

    It's National Chili Week: Top 5 Unusual Chili Ingredients

    Every region has its own rendition of chili. New Mexico has green chili (interesting), Cincinnati has spaghetti with chili (still don't understand) and Texas puts meat in its chili (definitely the best). I always love classic chili with beef or sirloin (I'm a Texas girl, what can I say?), but somet ... More >>

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    July 27, 2012

    Health Department Roundup: Macondo, Rioja, BB's and more

    Let's start with the really vital stuff. Dr Pepper is opening a bottling plant at 2400 Holly Hall, and a pre-opening inspection report shows that it's clean, except for a bit of debris on the floor - a dusty old book marked "Recipe." The book was tossed in the trash and the violation was registered ... More >>

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    July 5, 2012

    1981 and Now

    The Top 12 Texas Junk Foods.

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    June 21, 2012

    The Top 12 Texas Junk Foods: 1981 and Now

    Assistant music editor Craig Hlavaty recently purchased a 1981 edition of The Genuine Texas Handbook, a guide to all things Texan. It's an often-tongue-in-cheek look at the people, places, outfits, songs, foods and more that made someone Texan 31 years ago. Incidentally, the book and I are the same ... More >>

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    June 12, 2012

    30 Seconds With Keith Moody

    Rising alternative-country superstar Keith Moody has a voice like a summer rainstorm, capable of sweeping all your love away. We withstood the storm for 30 seconds to see what we could glean from the man. Rocks Off: What is the worst song in the world? Keith Moody: "Barbie Girl" by Aqua... I can' ... More >>

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    May 29, 2012

    Who's Got the Power?: The Musicians On Forbes's Most Powerful Celebrities List

    Fame and fortune might not be the ultimate goal for every person to ever write a song or learn an instrument, but it is for a lot of people out there. It would be lovely to believe that music is done 100% of the time for the "right" reasons, but most of us are cynical enough to know otherwise. Some ... More >>

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    February 2, 2012

    The 10 Must-Haves at Any Super Bowl Party

    Leading up to this Sunday's showdown between the Giants and the Patriots (go Big Blue!), we've been offering up recipes and ideas for those of you brave souls who are hosting Super Bowl parties at home. And if you've decided that you don't want to take the easy way out by ordering a party pack of ba ... More >>

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    January 12, 2012

    Heavy Fuel: How to Drink Like a Rock Star

    If you want to be a real rock star, you can go ahead and forget about those Red Bull and vodkas you're so fond of. Legit rockers are fueled by bigger, harder and flat-out weirder doses of alcohol than the mere mortals hitting on the bartender at your local watering hole. Sure, a few of our musical ... More >>

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    January 12, 2012

    How To: Drink Like a Rock Star

    Sure, most rock stars are probably happy with any bottle that happens to be within reach. Some rock stars, however, prefer to refine and perfect their booze intake, settling on a signature cocktail that suits their outsized personalities and consequence-free lifestyles. Rocks Off salutes these exc ... More >>

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    January 5, 2012

    Barbecue and Big Books of Modernist Cuisine on Top Chef: Texas

    We've had a week off, and in that time frame the Top Chef: Texas contestants have moved on from Dallas to Austin. My drug of choice this week is cough syrup, which I've been drinking all day long. I feel like a gangster. (More on this later today.) Nathan Myhrvold is the guest judge this week, and ... More >>

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    December 23, 2011

    The Rest of the Best: Houston's Top 10 Hot Dogs

    Photo by Jeff VogtYou can even get sauerkraut on your $1.50 Costco dog!​For the next 20 weeks, we'll be rounding up the runners-up to our 2011 Best of Houston® winners. In many categories, picking each year's winner is no easy task. We'll be spotlighting 20 of those categories, in which the w ... More >>

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    November 21, 2011

    Six Surprisingly Sexist Television Commercials From Way After the Mad Men Era

    By now, most of us have seen the new commercials for Dr Pepper's new product line, Dr Pepper 10, a diet drink which, ostensibly, tastes better than Diet Dr Pepper thanks to whatever's in those ten measly calories (our theory: brown sugar and wormwood). Of course, every advertiser knows that men are ... More >>

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    November 21, 2011

    Comment of the Day: Sexist or Silly?

    Here on Eating Our Words, the commenters absolutely make the blog, and our Comment of the Day honors the best of the bunch. Every day, we read you guys and pick the commenter, or commenters, who made us laugh, cry, salivate over something delicious, or think about things in a new way. In return, w ... More >>

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    November 18, 2011

    This Week in Deliciousness

    I'm a little hesitant because it's half IPA. I'm very enthusiastic, however, because it's two things just crammed right the crap together. I love a good mish mash.​Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we promise never to have a talking anthropomorphic food item as ... More >>

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    November 9, 2011

    When McDonald's Kept Us Thin

    Photo by John Kiely​I recently found myself on the quiet side of the glass partition from the McDonald's Playland at the new Ella location, in what I like to call the Old-Timers section, the place in just about every small-town McDonald's where retirees congregate. Oak Forest is like a small ... More >>

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    October 19, 2011

    Unimportant News: Rick Perry Places "Friendly World Series Wager." Important News: He Puts a Period in Dr Pepper!!!

    NO PERIOD, Governor.​If your state has a team in the World Series, chances are your governor is going to make a silly bet with a cohort from the other league. So it's no surprise Rick Perry has a bet with someone called Jay Nixon, who we are reliably informed is the governor of Missouri. And ... More >>

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    October 17, 2011

    Where Are We Eating?

    What you see below is a hot dog, believe it or not. At this restaurant, they've been experimenting with battering their Akaushi beef hot dogs in tempura, then frying them up to four times to achieve the perfect crunchy consistency. These monster dogs are served with housemade Dr Pepper ketchup and S ... More >>

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    September 30, 2011

    This Week in Deliciousness

    PRO TIP: Never trust these things. Never ever.​Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we've filled a vacationing co-worker's cubicle with gummi bears. Ah, delicious whimsy! Good thing it's cooled off a little; last time we tried this back in July, she came back to a ... More >>

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    August 1, 2011

    Coke: United States vs. Mexico

    ​Cane sugar has been gaining on HFCS lately. Dr Pepper admitted that high-fructose corn syrup is a shoddy sweetener when it turned Lawyer Pepper on its Dublin, Texas bottler. And tonic makers have created a new market from the knowledge that gin mixes with corn syrup like gin goes with police ... More >>

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    July 18, 2011

    Top 5 Musician Twitter Quitters

    ​Most of us would be happy to have 1,000 Twitter followers. A million is pretty much unattainable, even for some big enchiladas. Yet we see celebs erasing their Twitter pages as if it isn't the best thing since some 5'3" guy in Iowa took a knife to a loaf of bread. What's driving the Twitter ... More >>

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    July 12, 2011

    Comment of the Day

    ​Eating Our Words has some damn fine commenters, who bring honest and often insightful comments to our blog posts. In short, you guys rule, but your rule-age makes it difficult to pick a comment every day and today was no exception, but one rose above the others for obvious reasons. Katharine ... More >>

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    July 1, 2011

    This Week in Deliciousness

    Photo by Mike Overall*sigh* Let the hoarding commence.​Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where we're going to launch a class-action lawsuit against Diet Dr Pepper for not tasting more like real Dr Pepper. We'll probably be defeated in court by the Dr Pepper lawyers p ... More >>

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    June 6, 2011

    Tiny Cars and Expensive Wine at the 3rd Annual Italian Expo

    Photos by Christopher Patronella, Jr.Wine: a guarantee of a good time.​The 3rd annual Italian Expo was held this past weekend at the George R. Brown Convention Center, directly next to one of the gun shows that seems to rotate throughout Houston every other weekend. Walking up to the conventio ... More >>

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    September 20, 2010

    Friday Night: KISS At The Woodlands

    Photos by Groovehouse​KISS Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion September 17, 2010 For more photos from the show, see our slideshow here. There are those who say that KISS is dying. Fans have heard this before. ​Even before WWII, fathers sternly told their children that comic-book superher ... More >>

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