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    January 6, 2014

    The Predicted Top 4 National Political Stories of 2014

    Why four? Because five is just as arbitrary. With that out of the way . . . . Many blogs, pundits, commentators and so forth have just finished looking back at 2013 and what the biggest stories of the year past were. We're going to try a different tact: prognostication. Here's what we think the ... More >>

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    December 10, 2013

    Report: Federal Prosecutors Trample Constitutional Rights in War on Drugs

    The 7th Amendment to the Constitution allows for the right to a jury trial. The 8th Amendment prohibits "cruel and unusual punishments." A new report by Human Rights Watch shows that federal criminal defendants, especially those charged with drug crimes, are having their constitutional rights arguab ... More >>

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    August 23, 2013

    Ted Nugent at House of Blues, 8/22/2013

    Ted Nugent House of Blues August 22, 2013 Music and politics go hand in hand. Ever since the first person put lyrics to a beat, politics have been involved. Ted Nugent and politics also go hand in hand, which was obvious from the moment he hit the stage at House of Blues Thursday night. Armed with ... More >>

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    August 8, 2013

    John Cornyn Insists Voter ID=Voter Equality, The Right Side of Texas Nods Its Amens

    While President Obama and many others see the Supreme Court's June ruling on the Voter Rights Act as the complete knee-capping of minority election rights, our own Senator John Cornyn says everything is a-OK and it's about time. Continuing his appeal to the right wing people of Texas, says the SC ... More >>

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    November 1, 2012

    Country Club Sopranos

    American banks are on a massive crime spree. Obama and Romney hope you won’t notice.

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    July 17, 2012

    Perry Demands Obama Apologize for Holder's "Incendiary" Remarks

    Governor Rick Perry took time out of his busy schedule of telling the federal government to kiss his ass and whopping up on socialists to demand an apology from the President for remarks made by the U.S. Attorney General at the NAACP convention held in Houston last week. Apparently, Perry thought Ho ... More >>

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    July 12, 2012

    NAACP Likes Joe Biden More Than Mitt Romney (Just In Case You Had Your Doubts)

    What did Vice President Joe Biden prove to the delegates of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? That he's not as white as super whitey-white GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney who, on Wednesday, jabbed attendees (on purpose, even?) of the 103rd NAACP Annual Convention wit ... More >>

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    July 10, 2012

    NAACP Pledges "Strong Support" For Controversial AG Eric Holder

    It was on and then off. When it was back on, it was on. Kind of. Mid-morning Tuesday, United States Attorney General Eric Holder, who had canceled his Monday appearance on account of an airplane delay, addressed the delegates of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People meeting ... More >>

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    July 5, 2012

    America's Petro-Terrorists

    Wall Street and Washington conspire to destablize the U.S. economy, one barrel of oil at a time.

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    October 20, 2011

    Obama's War on Weed

    In a strange about-face, the president tries to hack medical marijuana off at the knees.

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    March 30, 2011

    Texas Is a Lying Junkie When it Comes to Buying Death-Penalty Drugs, Inmates Say

    Anything for a fix, man.​You know those guys who are masters at faking prescriptions or massaging paperwork in order to abuse their drug of choice? Texas might be a member of that club. Two TDCJ inmates are complaining to feds that the state's paperwork shows the mandatory DEA registration n ... More >>

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    October 21, 2010

    Grinding Justice

    Operation Streamline costs millions, tramples the Constitution, treats migrants like cattle and doesn't work.

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    January 7, 2010

    Weed Takes Root

    Marijuana's steady creep toward legalization nationwide.

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    October 29, 2009

    No Justice

    We've bailed out the banks. When do we go after the crooks behind our financial collapse?