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    December 16, 2013

    NOFX at House of Blues, 12/13/2013

    NOFX House of Blues December 13, 2013 It's hard to believe that a whole 30 years have gone by since NOFX first started playing music together. I'm guessing the late-forties punkers are probably thinking the same thing. Consisting of the same core lineup of Fat Mike, Eric Melvin and Erik Sandin sin ... More >>

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    February 3, 2012

    Openings & Closings: January 2012

    After 45 years in business along Washington Avenue, Guadalajara Bakery is closing its doors on February 29. Unlike previous closing scares for the longtime breakfast taco purveyor, this one is concrete: New owners purchased the building and gave the family 30 days notice to vacate. A bar is planned ... More >>

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    January 31, 2012

    I'm Going To Hell For This One: NOFX's Most Sacrilegious Songs

    Photo By GroovehouseFat Mike of NOFX at the House Of Blues in January 2011​Aside from the blood, bruises, beer, and the bands, the one thing you could always count on punk-rock for was to provoke unpopular thought. To make you go against what polite society and your parents had taught you. NOF ... More >>

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    January 20, 2012

    Openings & Closings: Barcadia Burns Bridges

    Photo courtesy of FacebookThe Bushes and the Molinas: Texas legends.​As we slowly move out of the winter doldrums, restaurant news is getting much more exciting -- and coming at us much more quickly. On Tuesday, two big announcements got the food community all atwitter: The Burger Guys announ ... More >>

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    October 12, 2011

    Gimme Some Truth: What Happens When Rabid Fans & Bands Meet

    ​We have all been there. You may have had a few drinks, you are at your favorite band's show, and you come to find yourself in the vicinity of one of your heroes. Word vomit. Torrential word vomit. But you mean well. "I really think youse guys is great and your albums really means a lots to ... More >>

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    January 24, 2011

    Saturday Night: NOFX At House Of Blues

    Photos by Groovehouse​NOFX House of Blues January 22, 2011 See lots of pics of NOFX and friends in our slideshow. NOFX has been the Fisher-Price My First Real Punk Band of the past 25 years, with Green Day sadly coming in a close second with Bad Religion and, yes, Blink-182 bringing up the r ... More >>

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    January 20, 2011
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    April 2, 2010

    Fails Of The Week: Glastonbury "Ice Ice Baby," Sony "No Beyonce On YouTube," Fat Mike The Peeing Clown And... Bono

    If you're reading this, you're either on the Internet, or else you've mastered multi-dimensional thought-projection processes that would make Michio Kaku cry like a little girl. We'll assume the former, and just in case you don't already know, the Internet has decided that the word "failure" is too ... More >>

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    April 27, 2009

    Eyeballin': NOFX's Backstage Passport

    NOFX Backstage Passport DVD www.nofx.orgFew bands in punk rock have lasted as long as the San Francisco-based NOFX. And even far fewer have stayed as relatively tight-knit a crew as Fat Mike and the boys. After 25 years of co-existence, most pop-punk bands of NOFX's ilk and age have already shuffled ... More >>

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    February 27, 2008
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    June 29, 2006


    Our intrepid reporters set out to experience the Vans Warped Tour -- so you don't have to

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    May 6, 2004

    Various Artists

    Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1 (Fat Wreck Chords)

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    January 15, 2004

    Messing with Texas

    Rockers bash Bush, with varying results

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    February 27, 2003
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    December 5, 2002

    Pick 'Em and Flick 'Em

    Nice bands like Flickerstick finish first on reality TV but flop in the real real world