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    April 4, 2013

    Doubling Down: Texas and Casino Gambling

    The Alabama-Coushatta want their casino back. The Texas horse tracks say betting on races isn’t enough. Both see expanded gambling in the state as their ticket to solvency.

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    February 19, 2013

    Bipartisan Bill Filed Creating Hike & Bike Paths From Houston's Utility Easements

    People have been talking about it for years, but the idea came one step closer to reality this week when a bipartisan group of legislators filed bills to help create hike-and-bike paths along Houston's utility easements. Those easements -- the property surrounding, say, those large electricity towe ... More >>

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    May 31, 2012

    Mary Gonzalez: The Lege Gets Its First Out Lesbian

    Texas voters, even in the midst of a so-called "conservative uprising," managed to elect the first openly gay woman to the Texas House on Tuesday night. Mary Gonzalez, to be more specific, will be both the first woman to win House District 75 in El Paso and the second openly gay candidate to secure ... More >>

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    December 15, 2011

    Down the Hatch

    The Texas Attorney General's Office says a drugmaker lied in order to push an antipsychotic on foster children. So why are kids as young as three still taking the drug?

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    August 2, 2011

    Jon Buice: Parole Reversed for Gay Basher

    Jon Buice stays in prison.​Jon Buice, who had been awarded a controversial parole after serving time for his role in the gay-bashing death of Paul Broussard, will not be a free man after all. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles today reversed its earlier decision granting Buice parole in l ... More >>

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    July 29, 2011

    GLBT Hate Crime Victims Memorialized on Charles Armstrong's Property

    Montrose residents lit a candle for hate crime victims.​Last night, throngs of people bearing candles filled an empty parking lot in Montrose, just off the main gay bar drag of Pacific Street. A block or two from here, Paul Broussard was murdered in 1991. Aaron Scheerhoorn was stabbed to death ... More >>

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    July 7, 2011

    Our HAUS

    Houston gets its first co-op — decades after other cities took the plunge.

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    May 11, 2011

    UH Holding Out for More Tier One Funds, Blocking Legislative Deal

    Coogs pushing hard in Austin.​The University of Houston is the last holdout in a vote to set the funding distribution method out of a voter-backed endowment devoted to ramping up the number of nationally ranked universities in Texas. The University of Texas and Texas A&M University are the st ... More >>

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    September 16, 2010

    Mental Cases

    Philip Grantham counts on his meds and his MHMRA doctor to stay straight. Too bad Texas is slashing funding.

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    August 30, 2010

    Back To Paper Ballots For Some Of Harris County

    Nostalgia, but no consolidation of voting locations​For all those who pine nostalgically for cardboard privacy boxes and paper voting ballots, oh boy is this the year for you.At an emergency meeting of the Harris County Commissioners' Court on Monday, County Clerk Beverly Kaufman said paper ballot ... More >>

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    April 8, 2010

    Third Ward High

    The 2010 Yates championship team proved nobody does it better.

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    December 31, 2009

    Houston's Craziest

    In a one-of-a-kind short list, HPD names the 30 most troubled mentally ill in the city.

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    September 17, 2009

    NPR Visits Houston To Examine Growth, Using A Soothing Voice

    ​You may have missed it this morning -- but a podcast should be available here (and part two is tomorrow)-- but NPR's Morning Edition came to Houston to look at how we handle growth.The network's Steve Inskeep said Houston represents the latest chapter of the Urban Frontier series because we have ... More >>

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    July 31, 2009

    That Hyped Program To Fix Broadway Boulevard Apartments Didn't Fix Broadway Boulevard Apartments

    Photo courtesy GHCVB​Someone asked us the other day what happened to all that grant money that was supposed to renovate apartment complexes along Broadway Boulevard and give the area a much-needed face lift. He was driving down the street and said it looked like not a single property had been fixe ... More >>

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    March 25, 2009

    Post-Partum Depression As A Defense For Killing Your Child: Maybe Coming True In Texas?

    Photo by normanackIn a surprisingly civilized and advanced move for our great state, local Texas House Democrats Jessica Farrar and Garnet Coleman co-authored and introduced a bill that would make post-partum psychosis a possible legal defense in trials of women who kill their children. Under the te ... More >>

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    July 31, 2008

    Texas Woman Fights Abuse at the State's Schools for the Mentally Retarded

    Her son was beaten up by an angry caregiver at Denton State School

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    May 1, 2008

    Doctors vs. Parents: Who Decides Right to Life?

    Following surgery, Sabrina Martin's condition went south. And then, her family says, Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital set about arranging for her demise.

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    October 5, 2006
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    June 29, 2006

    Hand Balls

    The highs and lows of a World Cup day and a gay pride evening

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    September 23, 2004
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    January 1, 2004

    Party of One

    Ron Wilson gets down on fellow Democrats

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    January 16, 2003

    Holy Halibut! It's Fishman and Jordy

    Tanks a lot! This dynamic duo delivers the gauche from Gotham City

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    November 14, 2002

    Bush Envy

    When Democrats try to impersonate Republicans, the results ain't pretty

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    October 31, 2002

    Dream Team or Bad Dream?

    Democrats sift pre-election portents for the answer

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    November 29, 2001

    The Two Faces of Womack

    Is his campaign currying gays in Montrose, then bashing them in black areas?

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    October 11, 2001

    Paying the Price

    Hospital district officials wanted a simple one-sentence policy on immigrant health care. What they got instead was a criminal probe and plenty of politics.

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    August 30, 2001


    Filling the Gulf, Anime Alert, Harsh on Harsh

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    August 16, 2001

    Don't Mess with Garnet

    Can a top-ranked lawmaker control his inner demons?

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    February 22, 2001

    Hands On

    When the sickest of Harris County's mentally ill break down, an ACT team is there to pick up the pieces and put them back together again

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    November 9, 2000

    Future Shock

    Can the system keep up with the evolution of mental health?

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    November 9, 2000

    Catch Us If You Can

    Steve Chesser went to MHMRA for help. Sent home from its emergency clinic without medicine or therapy, he shot his and killed himself. Diagnosis: A mental health care system in free fall.

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    September 28, 2000

    Grave Importance

    Old cemeteries rarely die. They just get buried under weeds, development and indifference.

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    July 13, 2000

    Taking Aim

    Teenagers and anti-handgun advocates are helping Jaime Barrica keep a promise to his dead son

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    July 6, 2000

    Board and Care(less)

    When it comes to housing the mentally disabled, is better-than-nothing good enough?

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    April 27, 2000

    Methadone Meltdown

    Dr. Amos and Cecilia Ozumba ran Houston Maintenance Clinic for four years. Have they finally run it into the ground?

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    February 17, 2000

    Atlantis Sinks Again!

    Fishy deals for Fire Station No. 1

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    February 10, 2000

    Pulling the Strings

    Politically connected Golden Eagle claws a critical TCADA inspector

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    January 27, 2000

    The Insider

    Raging Bull: Rains in pain becomes bane of the HSA board

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    December 30, 1999

    The Insider

    Rolling the Credits on Council's "B" Movie: The dynamic duo of Yarbrough, Johnson leave a legacy of campaign high jinks

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    September 9, 1999

    Working Every Angle

    The city of Houston is exploiting loopholes in state law to lavish big bucks on private developers

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    March 11, 1999

    Storming the Ramparts

    TSU struggles on as insiders battle detractors both within and outside the school's front gates

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    April 2, 1998

    All in a Day's Work

    Lockheed Martin's welfare-reform efforts have cost taxpayers across the country millions. So naturally, Lockheed Martin has been hired to train and find jobs for the poor in Houston and Harris County.

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    December 4, 1997
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    December 4, 1997

    The Johnson Treatment

    Council candidate presides over a rather unique substance abuse program

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    July 10, 1997

    Cozy Ties

    In the battle to privatize welfare services in Texas, corporate bidders have enlisted some inside help

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    November 28, 1996

    Midtown Jamboree

    Why let a few conflicts of interest get in the way of a grand redevelopment scheme?

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    April 25, 1996

    In Denial

    As HIV spreads among blacks and Hispanics, agencies that serve those communities say they're being shortchanged

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    February 1, 1996
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    July 20, 1995

    Third Ward Rising

    One of Houston's most venerable communities is set for redevelopment. Before that happens, though, perhaps one question needs to be answered: Whose community?

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    January 5, 1995

    Opening Up

    A promising young lawmaker goes public with his long battle with mental depression