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    April 30, 2010

    Narjes Modarresi, Accused Of Burying Her Two-Year-Old Son, Pins Hopes On Andrea Yates' Lawyer

    Photo courtesy HCSOAn expert on postpartum depression tells us Modarresi may not have known right from wrong​Many observers believe that attorney George Parnham is planning an insanity defense for Narjes Modarresi, the 28-year-old mother accused of burying alive her two-year-old son Masih Golabba ... More >>

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    December 31, 2009

    Houston's Craziest

    In a one-of-a-kind short list, HPD names the 30 most troubled mentally ill in the city.

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    March 25, 2009

    Post-Partum Depression As A Defense For Killing Your Child: Maybe Coming True In Texas?

    Photo by normanackIn a surprisingly civilized and advanced move for our great state, local Texas House Democrats Jessica Farrar and Garnet Coleman co-authored and introduced a bill that would make post-partum psychosis a possible legal defense in trials of women who kill their children. Under the te ... More >>

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    December 3, 2008

    Father Of Murdered UH Prof Blasts Insanity-Plea Deal

    A new face of injustice in Harris County could soon be James Dewald, Sr., father of the University of Houston professor killed by his wife last year. Dewald repeatedly told reporters this morning that the case has ended in a "miscarriage of justice."Kristen Dewald, who confessed to the murder shortl ... More >>

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    August 21, 2008

    Gone to Hell: Mental Illness and Harris County Jail

    Even though Alexander Hatcher is bipolar and schizophrenic, he wasn't given his meds for his first three months in jail. He got in fights with the guards. Now he's sentenced to prison for a long, long time.

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    January 20, 2005

    Judging Andrea

    A justice surprises critics by reversing the Yates verdict

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    October 7, 2004

    Running Over the Defense?

    Clara Harris argues that Justice Nuchia, the ex-chief of police, has never met a conviction he didn't like

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    April 8, 2004

    Lindsey's Loss

    The wild ride of the teen who became a front-seat witness to her father's killing

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    March 13, 2003

    Nice to Be Nice

    Once again, the Chronicle avoids a delicate subject

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    September 26, 2002

    Best Lawyer

    George Parnham

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    March 21, 2002

    Lethal Legacy

    Yates isn't dying to prove the equity of Harris County executions

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    February 28, 2002


    A loving mother drowned her children. It's hard to believe no one could stop her.

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    July 5, 2001

    Grieving in Public

    Red flags go up around Russell Yates

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    November 23, 2000

    Taking Credit

    A lawyer gets charged up -- really -- over a convict's financial plight

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    July 8, 1999

    Trouble in Mind

    Texas's mentally impaired used to go to treatment centers. Now they go to prison.

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    March 25, 1999
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    March 20, 1997
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    February 27, 1997
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    December 8, 1994

    Hanging the Judge

    Lupe Salinas made a lot of friends on his journey from a Rio Grande Valley childhood to becoming a dogged prosecutor and respected state district judge. Until he was tapped for a federal judgeship, he never knew how many enemies he had.