George Shackelford

  • News

    January 17, 2002

    What's Wrong with This Picture?

    MFA director Peter C. Marzio gets a bonus of $1.7 million while front-line museum employees say they have trouble paying their rent

  • News

    January 9, 1997

    Dealer of the Art

    In his 14 years as Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Peter Marzio has increased the MFA's endowment tenfold, tripled MFA Membership and gotten it started on a huge new home. He hasn't done badly for himself, either.

  • Culture

    June 9, 1994

    More Than Just A Pretty Face

    An MFA show reveals that Degas' love wasn't limited to ballerinas

  • Culture

    December 23, 1993

    The Joy of Color, the Ecstasy of Form

    A re-evaluation of Matisse as decadent sensualist -- brought to us via the Cone Collection at the MFA