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    March 13, 2014

    Reliant Stadium May Be Changing Names, But Texans Still Lining Pockets With Naming Rights Fees

    For over a decade, Bob McNair has been given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his ownership of the Houston Texans. "He brought football back to Houston and he spent a billion dollars to do it," is the familiar refrain. Part of that sentence is true. After the Oilers left, he most certainly ... More >>

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    September 10, 2013

    Saving the Astrodome: From Perfectly Fine to Nearly Demolished, the History of the Dome's Demise and the Rise of New Stadiums in Houston

    As the referendum on the Astrodome gets closer, I thought it might be worth taking a look back at the last 20 years of stadium history in Houston. Thought 20 years isn't a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, a lot has happened. Would you believe that, at one point, there was a better-than-ave ... More >>

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    September 9, 2013

    Saving the Astrodome: Will Those Who Wouldn't Support Stadium Financing in the Past Advocate for the Dome?

    On November 5, voters in Houston might have extra incentive to hit the voting booth in an off-year election. For years, the Astrodome has sat, falling into disarray and becoming an eyesore and an embarrassment to a city that used that building to define progress decades ago. Plans have been suggeste ... More >>

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    December 2, 2010

    Dynamo's New Stadium To Compete With Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion For Music Acts

    A new player for concerts​The Harris County-Houston Sports Authority agreed on a deal today to be the landlord for the Houston Dynamo in a new downtown stadium, an important -- but not final -- step on breaking ground. Dynamo president Chris Canetti tells Hair Balls the new facility won't jus ... More >>

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    December 2, 2010

    New Dynamo Stadium May Not Change Concert Climate Much

    Marco TorresLady Gaga at Toyota Center, July 25​Conceivably, today's announcement that the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority has agreed to act as landlord for the proposed Houston Dynamo stadium in downtown's East End could present a serious challenge to the Houston area's reigning concer ... More >>

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    August 30, 2010

    Drayton McLane: Time To Open The Books

    Do those cries of poverty add up?‚ÄčSeveral things happened last week on the edges of the sports world that, while interesting on their own, are even more interesting when connections are made.For instance, early last week, the sports blog Deadspin published the financial documents  for several ... More >>

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    August 27, 2010

    Sports Authority's Bond Rating Now Equals The Quality Level Of Teams Playing In Its Stadiums

    The bonds are junk, but so are the teams‚ÄčThe Harris County-Houston Sports Authority, the entity created to build new stadiums for billionaire sports owners, has found itself reduced to junk-bond status.Kind of like the Astros, Texans and Rockets, really.Hotel occupancy and car rentals -- the magic ... More >>

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    March 26, 2010

    Who'll Score Those Dynamo Goals This Season?

    Barrett bowed out to accept an assistant coaching position.​The 2010 MLS season is upon us, and there is plenty of reasons to smile if you're the Houston Dynamo. For one, the players union and the owners just recently agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement, avoiding a players' labor s ... More >>

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    December 2, 2009

    Gene Locke The Lobbyist

    If you missed last night's debate then you missed a good one. In fact, it was the best one to date. Check the live-blog coverage to catch up on the juicy details.Gene Locke's background and possible conflicts of interests were brought up midway through the debate via a question submitted by a viewer ... More >>

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    February 11, 2009

    The City Of Houston Takes On Orbitz And Priceline

    The City of Houston and the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority are currently suing multiple travel websites such as Orbitz and Priceline over tax revenues it claims the sites owe it. Online travel sites pay wholesale prices to hotels for rooms and then customers book those rooms at a mark-up fro ... More >>

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    April 28, 2005

    Ballsy Bikers

    Supercross riders crash 'n' burn for your pleasure at Reliant Stadium

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    April 21, 2005

    Renaissance Man

    A cop learns the pain of piercing

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    October 16, 2003

    Sage Advice

    Tackling the team spirit

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    May 8, 2003

    Les's Lost Weekend

    Minorities' suit against the Rockets revs up, with a mayoral hopeful caught in the fray

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    April 17, 2003

    Not So Suite?

    City officials to the Rockets: Don't mess with our freebies

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    April 10, 2003

    Rockets Court Date?

    The NAACP rattles sabers in the arena vendor disputes

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    March 6, 2003

    Rocket Rodney

    A state senator moonlights as arena point guard

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    May 24, 2001

    Club Waxx Wanes...

    ...Only to wax again in a new locale

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    February 1, 2001

    Celebrate Good Times

    The Bush inaugural is a wonderful, wonderful thing

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    October 26, 2000

    Arena Love

    The establishment's attack dog is muzzled, so far

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    April 20, 2000

    Wareing Thin

    Primary results make a hoax of Hotze

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    April 13, 2000

    Into the Gap

    Some Enron Field railings aren't kid-friendly - or even in compliance

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    March 30, 2000
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    March 16, 2000

    Imminent Domain

    While a doddering Dome watches, wranglers and the ultrarich welcome a sports palace

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    March 2, 2000

    News Hostage

    Love and Rockets

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    February 25, 1999
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    July 2, 1998

    The Great Non-Communicator

    Houston's new mayor is working as hard as, or harder than, his predecessors. Now if only he could find a way to tell people about it.

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    June 18, 1998
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    June 4, 1998

    Value Added

    When Sports Authority folks got around to estimating the worth of a "Port Park" by the ballpark, the numbers just kept getting bigger

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    June 4, 1998
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    May 28, 1998

    Pushing a Project

    Why was Crestwood suddenly elevated to VIP (very important pavement) status?

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    May 28, 1998
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    May 14, 1998

    Taken to the Woodshed

    A federal judge rips three city attorneys and their bosses for how they handled the Barbra Piotrowski lawsuit

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    April 2, 1998

    Up-in-the-Air Ball

    The scale model of the proposed baseball stadium is in place, but not much else appears to be

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    March 12, 1998

    Payback Time

    Hispanic and African-American sports authority members want to make sure they're getting their fair share of the business

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    February 5, 1998
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    December 4, 1997

    Make Way for McLane

    Downtown property owners say they were steamrollered by the Sports Authority

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    November 20, 1997