Hitler Youth

  • Film

    March 13, 2014

    These Kids Yesterday

    The engrossing Teenage shows why they are who they are.

  • Culture

    October 17, 2013

    "Luc Tuymans: Nice" Is Just That and Nothing More

    Artist Luc Tuymans at the Menil is a better painter than curator of work done by himself and others.

  • Blogs

    March 13, 2013

    Pope Francis I: Five Questions We Want Answered About The New Guy

    We've got white smoke; we've got cheering crowds, habemas papem, as they say. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio got the gig and, even though his name ends in a vowel and looks like it should be preceded by a nickname, he's not Italian. For the third time in a row, the College of Cardinals has elected ... More >>

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    March 16, 2012

    SXSW 2012: Our Inner Monologue (Day Two)

    If you are here in Austin for SXSW you know that this place has just devolved into free cereal, Doritos, and Red Bull on the streets, which are bathed in lasers from the tops of buildings. Plus there are screaming humans of all ages, races, sizes, and creeds on the streets almost 20 hours a day. Whe ... More >>

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    November 18, 2011

    A Smiling/Grimacing Scott Weiland Takes You To His "Winter Wonderland"

    Scott Weiland is just a patsy...​A few weeks back I applauded Scott Weiland's Christmas album, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, for it's charming weirdness. It had his signature raspy Stone Temple Pilots baritone, a modern Bing Crosby vibe, and just the right amount of creep to at least wa ... More >>

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    May 17, 2010

    Mark Bly at the Alley Theatre Talks About Intelligence-Slave

    ​A man in a World War II concentration camp is kept alive only because he has invented an early version of the calculator -- a four-function, hand-held model. But the only thing keeping him from being killed is that as far as his Nazi captors know, he hasn't completely finished it. In Intelli ... More >>

  • News

    May 6, 2010

    The Pope Problem

    Readers respond to "The Man Who Sued the Pope."

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    April 2, 2010

    Brujeria: Dammit, We Should Have Paid More Attention In Spanish Class rare piece of Brujeria artwork that does not involve a severed head.‚Äč Have you ever noticed how extreme music with vocals in another language sound way more menacing than they do in boring old English? The English version of Rammstein's single "Du Hast" pales compared to ... More >>

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    July 26, 2007

    Mail Call

    Under His Skin

  • Music

    July 20, 2006

    GWAR Heroes Electro Grrl

    Flying filth will never go out of style with these guys around

  • News

    November 1, 2001

    Bayou City Body Snatchers

    How cold war fears fueled a hot market for Houston's human parts business.