Jayson Blair

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    April 3, 2014

    Why Listen to a Liar?

    Jayson Blair doc could use less Jayson Blair.

  • Film

    December 28, 2006

    Same Old Story

    Sequels, prequels and threequels headline Hollywood 2007

  • Blogs

    October 5, 2006

    The Jason Blair of Tacos?

    Robb Walsh Fictionalized tacos? I recently received this e-mail from a reader. The allegations he makes are truly unsettling: Robb - When you got the cold, greasy taco from the truck at a gas station on Bissonnet a few years ago, did you take a bite and throw it away, as originally reported, o ... More >>

  • News

    October 5, 2006


    Gary Webb's reporting on CIA ties to cocaine destroyed his life, too

  • Film

    November 13, 2003

    Lying Through His Beat

    A dirty journo gets busted in Shattered Glass