Jim Phillips

  • Culture

    December 13, 2001

    Warts and All

    Whether it's Sondheim or St. Nicholas, nobody lives happily ever after

  • Culture

    April 27, 2000

    Boys Camp

    Juvenile to the core, Zombies from the Beyond mines junior-high locker rooms for jokes

  • Culture

    November 25, 1999

    The Sweet Hereafter

    Theater LaB produces an almost winsome take on grief and loss with Hushabye Mountain

  • Culture

    October 14, 1999

    Dismal Dig

    Deep Down doesn't mine its potential

  • Culture

    June 17, 1999

    Easy Target

    Beauty queens make predictable satire for Pageant

  • Culture

    April 22, 1999

    Class Over Kin

    The melodrama Blood Brothers bonds with music

  • Culture

    November 21, 1996

    Sappy Siblings

    John and Jen can't get beyond its too-cute script

  • Culture

    January 11, 1996

    Theater Play

    Box Office of the Damned proves fun in spite of itself