John Brooks

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    April 10, 2012

    Top 10 Most Outrageous Onstage Incidents, Antics & Meltdowns

    Everyone has their meltdown moments, no doubt about it. We make mistakes and, most of the time, we try to correct them. We have them because we are all human. Unfortunately, though, when you are in the spotlight, your hurts, tantrums, mistakes and meltdowns are all magnified for all the world to se ... More >>

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    April 12, 2007

    Woodwind Lakes: Danger Baby on Board

    Two feet below the inviting backyard was a sludge pit bubbling toxic waste

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    April 11, 2007

    You Should See How They Greet Those Mormon Missionaries...

    It was 7 p.m. and getting dark outside when I hit the bell. Kimberly Brooks came to the door and flicked on the porch light, then switched it back off and turned away. Unsure what to do, I stood there for a minute then buzzed again. This time, the husband came. John Brooks strode across the living ... More >>