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    March 2, 2011

    Cover Story: Connecting H Gallery to Three Prominent Recent Art Scams

    ​This week's feature is the account of an alleged art heist conducted by an art gallery in the Heights. Over a dozen local and Texas artists claim that Heidi Powell-Prera and her mother Sandy Bernstein, the owner/operators of H Gallery on West 19th Street, have been scamming artists for the la ... More >>

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    February 24, 2011

    Colin Firth for Best Actor? Not So Fast.

    ​I realize the actual Academy Awards aren't set to be broadcast until Sunday night, when millions of people will watch -- for the first hour, at least -- as co-hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway lob Nerfball zingers at their fellow actors, make passively tasteless jokes about speech impedime ... More >>

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    February 1, 2011

    I Think We're Alone Now, Except for the Mega Pythons

    My cup runneth over.​I realize Egypt is in chaos and everyone north of the Mason-Dixon line is going to be flash frozen like a bag of Birds Eye broccoli florets and Charlie Sheen is apparently the reincarnation of Grigori Rasputin, but that is no excuse, no excuse, for the criminal lack of att ... More >>

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    June 5, 2008

    Hairpiece in the Middle East: You Don't Mess with the Zohan

    Adam Sandler returns as a Mossad baddie turned stylist, and the bubbies will love him

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    September 6, 2007
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    June 30, 2005

    Swingers Group

    Steffi Graf and Co. make tennis a team sport

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    September 9, 2004

    California Dreamin'

    Rogue Wave, featuring former Houstonian Gram Lebron, rides a tsunami of good vibrations into town

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    October 16, 2003

    Hype This

    Fleetwood Mac opens the Toyota Center, the Chron hyperventilates, and a city grumbles

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    April 10, 2003

    Fight Club

    Sandler and Nicholson yell at each other, and it's unpleasant

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    March 27, 2003
  • Film

    June 27, 2002

    Dirty Deeds

    Someone oughta put a Capra in Sandler's ass

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    February 21, 2002

    Flunk You

    If Fox expels Undeclared, blame everyone but Judd Apatow