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    February 20, 2013

    Top 5 Most Sampled George Clinton Songs

    Unpaid royalties have long been a problem in the music industry. Artists, songwriters, and producers miss out on millions due to the misappropriation of funds at the hands of shady labels and music executives. One of the most recent instances of this is the ongoing dispute between pioneering funk ... More >>

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    May 7, 2012

    Six Years Gone: Big Hawk Remembered

    Six years ago last week, on May 1, 2006, local rapper and Screwed Up Click Five-Star General Big Hawk was gunned down outside of a friend's home on Redfern on Houston's Southside. He was 36. While it's never acceptable to lose a gifted artist to violence in the prime of his life and career, Hawk's ... More >>

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    February 25, 2010

    Communication Breakdown

    Local music writers and online commenters discuss how musicians might draw media attention.