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    July 23, 2014

    Chef Chat, Part 1: Lynette Hawkins of Giacomo's Cibo e Vino

    Chef Lynette Hawkins had already made a name for herself in Houston years before opening her casual Italian restaurant, Giacomo's Cibo e Vino. Hawkins' prior endeavor was La Mora Cucina Toscana. She operated it for 16 years before shutting it down for some very sensible reasons. (We'll cover those d ... More >>

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    June 4, 2014

    Rest of the Best 2014: Houston's Top Ten Italian Restaurants

    Our 2013 Best of HoustonĀ® winners were announced a while back, but in many cases, picking the best item in any category was no easy task. In order to show off all the culinary greatness Houston has to offer, we're continuing to round up the "rest of the best" in some of our favorite categories. Bon ... More >>

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    March 12, 2014

    The Most Underrated Restaurant in Houston Is...

    Well, friends, more than 1300 of you voted on the most underrated restaurant in Houston. Thanks for letting your opinion be known. Some of you weren't happy with the poll choices, but remember, those came from you, not me. So you have only yourselves to blame. But really, I thought all of the opti ... More >>

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    January 24, 2013

    The Dan Marino Restaurants

    The 13 restaurants that nearly made our 30 essential Texas restaurants list.

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    January 15, 2013

    Top 10 Restaurants in River Oaks

    The last time we tackled the Top 10 restaurants in River Oaks, Tony Mandola's was still open in what is now Brasserie 19's spot in the River Oaks Shopping Center. Needless to say, things have changed a bit in three years. And in spite of its ritzy exterior, River Oaks still has plenty of inexpensive ... More >>

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    December 6, 2012

    Uncommonly Keen

    The 10 best restaurants in the Upper Kirby district.

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    July 10, 2012

    100 Favorite Dishes 2012: No. 58, Eggplant Involtini at Giacomo's Cibo e Vino

    This year leading up to our annual Best of HoustonĀ® issue, we're counting down our 100 favorite dishes in Houston. This list comprises our favorite dishes from the last year, dishes that are essential to Houston's cultural landscape and/or dishes that any visitor (or resident) should try at least o ... More >>

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    May 30, 2012

    A Roman Repast at Giacomo's Cibo e Vino

    When I told my husband I wanted to go to the May Roman Feast at Giacomo's Cibo e Vino, he responded: "Will there be a vomitorium?"* "Good God, I hope not," I said. "Though its presence might actually suggest people were really enjoying the food." And they were. Light tones and merry laughter circ ... More >>

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    May 11, 2012

    Upcoming Events: Brunch, Burger Guys-Style and a Volcanic Cook-Off

    Remember the days when The Burger Guys had first opened and Jake Mazzu was doing these amazing brunches with his crew, like Brandon Fisch and Steve Marques? Well, these day's you can find Marques turning out killer food at The Tasting Room Uptown, but Mazzu and Fisch are doing the brunch thing once ... More >>

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    January 26, 2012
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    December 29, 2011
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    September 1, 2011

    Cocktails and Collaboration: Chris Frankel at Giacomo's Cibo e Vino

    The key word here is "collaborative."​I've been a fan of Giacomo's ever since I "discovered" the charming small-plates Italian spot for DEFCON Dining. I've been a fan of Chris Frankel since well before he helped me turn terrifying sodas into delicious cocktails. When I heard that he was doing ... More >>

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    August 5, 2011

    Upcoming Events: Welcome Back, Brownstone Cafe and An Historic Pub Crawl

    Photo by Alex GreggChris Frankel will be shaking things up once again at Giacomo's.​Ghost hunters and professional drinkers, you'll want to sign up for tonight's Historic Pub Crawl starting at the Lancaster Hotel. The tour will take you through five area pubs (with half-off happy hour fare at ... More >>

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    September 3, 2010

    Upcoming Events

    Fresh meat at Samba GrillePhoto by Gary R. Wise​This Sunday, celebrate Labor Day by enjoying the labors of others at Under the Volcano's 13th Annual Chili Cook-Off. The cauldrons will be boiling all day, but the public are invited out to dig in from 4 to 9 p.m. at the popular Rice Village bar. ... More >>

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    May 27, 2010

    Giacomo's, Mean Girls, and Houston's Fear of Change

    Not going anywhere: half-moon pasta filled with Swiss chard and goat cheese in a sage butter sauce.​I'll just come right out and say that Giacomo's Cibe e Vino is my favorite new restaurant of 2009. It's an ideal spot for a casual date night or low-key dinner with friends. The dining area is a ... More >>

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    October 1, 2009

    Lingering Over the Linguine

    Lynette Hawkins's new wine bar Giacomo's Cibo e Vino captures the Italian spirit of drinking, eating and hanging around.

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    September 24, 2009