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    November 14, 2014

    College and Pro Football: This Weekend's Best Bets

    We interrupt this week's football picks (which I swear I'll get to, because I know you want to ride that 3-3 wave I was on last week) for a brief worshipping at the altar of Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner. We are not even a year into Silver's tenure yet, and already he has eradicated the league ... More >>

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    November 3, 2014

    The 10 Best Texans-Eagles Rapper Tweets

    Horrible Sunday for Texas Football. Cowboys fans...bring it in.— DJ December 19th (@DJAudiTory) November 2, 2014 The 2014 Houston Texans have a new coach, new players, new hope and the same dedicated fan base of Houston-based rappers. As in years past, they took to Twi ... More >>

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    November 3, 2014

    Eagles Win War of Attrition and the Game as Texans Fall at NRG Stadium

    The Texans went into Sunday's game against the 5-2 Philadelphia Eagles knowing they would be without middle linebacker Brian Cushing, who remains out with a knee injury, and rookie outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney, unluckily (according to Coach Bill O'Brien) out with the flu. Had someone told the ... More >>

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    November 3, 2014

    Eagles 31, Texans 21: 4 Winners, 4 Losers

    With 4:07 to go in the game, the ball sat on the four yard line. 4th down, 1 yard to go, the Eagles leading the Texans 24-21 and driving for a "nail in the coffin" score. If they get this first down, it's first and goal at the three, and then it's just a matter of picking which Eagle scores the touc ... More >>

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    October 23, 2013

    Zapruder Analysis Of Homicidal Jets Fan Punching Female Patriots Fan (w/ VIDEO)

    In the last couple years, I've been to approximately a quarter of the stadiums in the NFL, generally as a fan of the opposing team (I believe all but one game involved the Texans.). Two of those stadiums were generally considered to be among the most "dangerous" in the league (San Francisco and Oakl ... More >>

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    September 19, 2013

    Death Of Tebowmania: Twelve People Show Up At Tebow Rally In Jacksonville

    "I share your sentiment. When is the next time Jacksonville is gonna have an athlete like Tim Tebow?" -- Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, responding to a caller on a Jacksonville talk show just before the Super Bowl in 2012 Back then, the talk wasn't about whether or not Tim Tebow could play ... More >>

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    September 6, 2013

    This Weekend's Best Bets: God Bless The NFL, Week 1

    I am always happy when the NFL season arrives, but especially happy this weekend, because it gives me a diversion from college football for my best bets of the weekend. I'm not sure if you noticed (Yes, I know ALL of you noticed), but I came out of the shoot in Week 1 of my football Best Bets 1-5. ... More >>

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    September 5, 2013

    Texans Chemistry: Do the Texans Have the Formula to Win a Championship?

    Head Coach Gary Kubiak and quarterback Matt Schaub are cooking up another season together

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    August 26, 2013

    Rex Ryan's Season Long Meltdown Has Begun (w/ VIDEO)

    Admittedly, compared to many of my peers and counterparts, I haven't been doing this media thing all that long. Six years is all. It's longer than a mere few months, but it's far from a lifetime. Also, I've covered teams day to day in just one city, Houston. I haven't really bounced around. (Not yet ... More >>

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    August 20, 2013

    Another Day, Another Houston Athlete Commercial (w/ J.J. Watt VIDEO!)

    On my radio show a couple months ago, I posed the question to my co-host John Granato "What if there were a list of '25 under 25' for sports?" Granato, as he does most of the time, wondered what in the hell I was talking about, so I explained it. You know how they have those lists in business jour ... More >>

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    May 1, 2013

    Tim Tebow, Star Of The Omaha Beef?

    Yesterday, I got an e-mail from my friend R.J. Bell, founder of wagering infotainment website I love getting e-mails from R.J. because they always have the gambling spin on whatever the latest sports news is. You know how some people subscribe to services that send them inspirational e- ... More >>

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    April 1, 2013

    Comparing Tony Romo's New Deal To Matt Schaub's: The QB Contract Conundrum

    Quarterback problems. They're like everyday relationships.They take on different flavors and magnitudes, but pretty much every NFL city has them. Some are theoretically good problems to have: New England's restructuring Tom Brady's contract to open up more salary cap space, Green Bay's commencing ... More >>

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    March 4, 2013

    Joe Flacco Has A New Contract: Next Big Thing Or Next Cautionary Tale?

    On December 16, the Baltimore Ravens lost their third game in a row, 34-17 to the Denver Broncos in Baltimore to drop to 9-5 on the season and virtually clinch a relatively ho-hum four seed in the AFC. On that day, their starting quarterback, Joe Flacco, completed 20 passes on 40 attempts for 254 l ... More >>

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    February 6, 2013

    College Football: National Signing Day 2013, A Decade Of Cautionary Tales

    Beginning bright and early Wednesday morning, 18-year-old football players far and wide will finalize in writing their plans on where they will ply their trade for the next three to five years, causing high blood pressure in adults three times their age coast to coast and dragging the fax machine in ... More >>

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    January 11, 2013

    Texans-Patriots, The Rematch: Top 5 Ways For This Outcome To Be Different

    We know, we know. The last time these two teams met, the Patriots slaughtered the Texans along the same lines of what Alabama did to Notre Dame earlier this week. That doesn't mean it will automatically happen again. Even in New England. Want evidence? It doesn't take going back very far. In Decem ... More >>

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    January 3, 2013

    Zombies and Fiscal Cliffs

    The 10 most overhyped stories of 2012.

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    December 28, 2012

    Superstorms, Mayans, Zombies and BDSM: The 10 Most Over-Hyped Stories of 2012

    Journalists are really fond of writing about stories that went underreported every year. Too often, however, they forget to remind us all that those critical stories that went without needed coverage did so because stories with little merit wound up filling the airwaves and pages of newspapers. Unf ... More >>

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    December 24, 2012

    Texans-Vikings: 4 Winners, 71,688 Losers

    There were 71,688 (mostly) Texan fans in Reliant Stadium on Sunday. It's been a while since they've trudged back out to the Blue Lot feeling like they did on Sunday after the Minnesota Vikings' methodical 23-6 dismantling of the home team. The Packers game earlier this year while unacceptable was un ... More >>

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    October 29, 2012

    Texans Bye Week Twitter Fun: The Implosion Of Tony Romo (w/ MANY Tweets)

    "I don't understand Tony Romo being called the most overrated player in the NFL. If anything, he's the most underrated player in the NFL." -- Troy Aikman during Sunday's telecast of Cowboys-Giants I'm not sure what's crazier, that Troy Aikman gets paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars for i ... More >>

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    October 15, 2012

    Packers 42, Texans 24: Troubling Trends Continue in First Loss; The 5 Biggest Holes to Fill

    It may be only one loss, but the trend lines are concerning. For a second straight week, the Texans (5-1) were outplayed in a handful of key areas, most notably within the once-vaunted line play as well as individual battles of receivers vs. cornerbacks. But unlike this past Monday, when the Texans ... More >>

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    October 9, 2012

    Texans-Jets: 4 Winners, 4 Losers, The World Learns About J.J. Watt Edition

    Well, it wasn't sexy, it wasn't pretty, and it was actually a whole lot closer than most people thought it would be, but the Texans escaped northern New Jersey with a 23-17 win over the New York Jets. After the game, most Texan fans on Twitter were more interested in breaking down what went wrong ( ... More >>

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    October 3, 2012

    Get Your Tebow-Texans Week Started With...Memes!

    This week brings the Houston Texans -- suddenly the hot talk as Super Bowl contenders, undefeated, looking to roll -- into the Big Apple for a big-stage Monday Night Football game against the reeling New York Jets. Adding to the drama is the fact that Mark Sanchez, the Jets' starting QB, has sucked ... More >>

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    April 30, 2012

    10 College-Related Thoughts On The NFL Draft, Including Case Keenum

    I'm not the draft expert that some of my Press colleagues are. Yet I do watch a lot of football, especially college football, and like every football fan, I have a few thoughts about some of the things that happened over this past weekend. 10. There are probably a bunch of Houston Cougar fans that ... More >>

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    March 23, 2012

    Tim Tebow's First Day As A New York Jet -- A Screenplay

    EXT. NEW YORK JETS HEADQUARTERS BUILDING, FLORHAM PARK, NJ -- DAY It's a cold, crisp late March afternoon as a limousine pulls into the front driveway of the Jets headquarters building. Out steps the newest New York Jet, quarterback Tim Tebow, dressed in jeans and a long coat. As he steps out of th ... More >>

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    September 8, 2011

    2011 NFL Preview, Spoken In Wagering-ese

    The betting window is open​I hope everyone who has had a chance to check out our Texans 2011 preview "The New Normal" has enjoyed it. Big ups to Monica Fuentes for coming up with the season-long interactive game card tracking Texans' results. You need to go check it out. If you haven't read ... More >>

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    March 22, 2011

    My Madden 2012 Cover Ballot

    What do you think should go on the cover of Madden 12?​I've said it before, I'm a total sucker for lists. "5 Best This." "8 Worst That." "9 Reasons So-and-so Boned Such-and-such." List it and I'm in. Some will criticize this, and call it a sign of a lazy mind, that I need my world assembled ... More >>

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    March 8, 2011

    Kareem Jackson, Cockfighting and Perception

    That's entertainment​"Look at all these people that be at these chicken fights, you would think its a college football game." -- Reemboi25 (Kareem Jackson's Twitter handle) Early March is the meaty part of the NFL's offseason relaxation calendar for players. The season has been over for a co ... More >>

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    February 10, 2011

    A Real Boyfriend for Eliza Kruger (w/Best Trick Shot Video EVER)

    I've never been a 17-year-old high school female before, so I'm not speaking from experience when I say that "I can see why Eliza Kruger would chase Mark Sanchez." I can only assume it's the allure of fame, power and money (perhaps sprinkled with a bit of a Latino thing). Kruger's now well-publiciz ... More >>

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    February 9, 2011

    Mark Sanchez Is Not Very Smart

    Mark Sanchez: He's got a prom date​Hilary Rhoda. Lindsay McCormick. Jennifer Mueller. Google "Mark Sanchez girlfriend" and these are the first handful of supermodel hot women linked to the New York Jets quarterback. At least they were until this morning. Now you need to wade through a half d ... More >>

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    January 17, 2011

    NFL Conference Title Games: Douche-apalooza 2011!

    This is not Roger Staubach​Ben Roethlisberger, Mark Sanchez, Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers. In an era where success in the NFL has never been more tied to quarterback play, those are your last four quarterbacks standing in the 2011 Playoffs. Most NFL fans see the elimination and subsequent absen ... More >>

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    December 31, 2010

    College Football Bowls -- This Week's Best Bets

    The color, the pageantry of college football​Since it's Week 17 of the NFL season, we're changing it up a little bit this week. I don't know about people who actually know what they're doing when it comes to wagering, but my experience with the NFL in Week 17 is that it's a good time to stay ... More >>

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    November 22, 2010

    Jets 30, Texans 27: Kubiak's Crew Finds An Even More Spectacular Way To Collapse

    Texans: The hits keep coming​The beauty and curse of football is how much can be determined and learned through one single play. For Texans fans, never has that been more visible than Sunday. Leading by four with the Jets at midfield with 24 seconds and no timeouts, two priorities should have ... More >>

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    October 19, 2010

    Houston's Lindsay McCormick Hits The Big Time -- Dating Mark Sanchez

    Mark Sanchez' Houston heartthrob, reportedly​Lindsay McCormick is an ESPN type from Houston who, we have to admit, we've never heard of.But her official bio says she "has appeared on ESPN Streak for the Cash and ESPN College Pick'em on, the MtvU music countdown show The Dean's List, The C ... More >>

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    September 14, 2010

    Game Time: Ines Sainz -- Clinton Portis Brings His Own Brand of Clarity

    Ines Sainz, now highly searched on Google Images​The case of Ines Sainz' dignity versus the New York Jets is a tricky one. If you haven't heard the story yet, Sainz was at Jets' practice last week to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez for TV Azteca when allegedly several of the Jets players cross ... More >>

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    August 31, 2010

    Pop Rocks: Fantasy Football For (Immature) Dummies

    ​Football season is almost upon us. For many people, this time of year offers renewed hope for the future, ranging from the merely possible (can the Saints repeat?) to the improbable (will the Texans makes the playoffs) to the "You gotta be fucking kidding me" (Kris Brown kicks a last-minute f ... More >>

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    April 13, 2010

    Game Time: Best-Case NFL Draft Scenario For HBO's Hard Knocks Fans

    ​In the end, I guess someone had to go. If you're the front office of a proud franchise like the Steelers, you can only have so many impromptu press conferences, district attorney explanations, and women screaming foul before a message needs to get sent. You're not going to move the star quarte ... More >>

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    December 18, 2009

    Game Time: Texans' Playoff-Rooting Manifesto 2.0

    ​"So you're saying there's a chance..."  -- Lloyd ChristmasA couple weeks ago, when the Texans were sitting at 5-6, I spent the better part of about four hours constructing an easy-to-follow guide for Texans fans to know whom to root for in games throughout the balance of the season in order ... More >>

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    December 3, 2009

    Game Time: Your Texans Playoff Rooting Manifesto, 2009 Edition...Yeah, You Heard Me!!

    ​The internet has been a wonderful invention. It's allowed us to do all of our Christmas shopping in our underwear, go to college in our underwear, hell even go to work in our underwear. Basically, it's allowed us to do a lot of things in our underwear that we never thought possible, including giv ... More >>

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    November 3, 2009

    Game Time: The Horrible Turn Of The Texans' Owen Daniels

    ​(I want you all to watch in amazement while I introduce you to the literary technique known as the "shplegue". This stands for "shameless plug that turns into a segue." Watch and learn...)I'm not sure how many of you have seen the web-based tragicomedy Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, but this co ... More >>

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    October 26, 2009

    The Texans: Mission Not Quite Accomplished

    ​Perhaps it was appropriate that the former president Bushes were in attendance for yesterday's Houston Texans game. Especially Bush the Younger. Because just as the Younger stood on an aircraft carrier with a "Mission Accomplished" banner displayed proudly behind him long before the mission was ... More >>

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    October 6, 2009

    You Know It's Bad When Losing To The Texans Isn't As Bad As It Gets

    ​So you're Tom Cable and you're the coach of the moribund 1-3 Oakland Raiders.You've just a lost a football game to the Houston Texans, the team which started the legend of Mark Sanchez. And not only did your team lose 29-6 to the Texans, but you were outcoached by Gary Kubiak, a guy who, in his ... More >>

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    September 17, 2009

    The Fines The Texans Should Be Handing Out

    Photo by William Holtkamp​According to the Houston Chronicle, Texans defensive back Dunta Robinson was fined by the team for wearing shoes that had the words "Pay Me Rick" written on them. This was part of Robinson voicing his continued displeasure at the Texans for not paying him what he thinks h ... More >>

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    September 15, 2009

    The Gary Kubiak Experiment Should Be About Over, Shouldn't It?

    Photo by William Holtkamp​Stop me if you've heard this one before."We obviously weren't ready to play and that starts with me," Gary Kubiak said Sunday. "You play that poorly, that starts with the coach. I didn't have them ready to go."Yeah, that sounds pretty damn familiar to me. Take any Houston ... More >>

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    September 14, 2009

    Playoffs? Playoffs? We Just Hope The Texans Can Win A Game

    ​In all of three hours, the hot topic of the 2009 Texans season might have transitioned from whether they can make the playoffs to whether they can lure Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan or Jon Gruden as head coach come January.Remember the Texans' dynamic offense? The league's third-best unit a year ago ... More >>

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    September 10, 2009

    Experts Ask The Pressing Question Tonight: Are You Ready For Some Football?

    ​The NFL season opens tonight. We've already given you our astute and accurate take on the Houston Texans. (9-7, if you must know.) But what about the rest of the league? Do you actually want to sit through all the games, or learn what will happen in the next few grafs?We thought so.So here is how ... More >>

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    July 16, 2009