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    November 6, 2014

    Texas Girl Was Taken Away From Parents Because They Smoked Pot, Only To Be Killed in Foster Care

    Little Alex Hill would have been turning four-years-old this Friday. But rather than celebrating their child's birthday, the toddler's parents have only the bitter consolation of seeing a judge in Milam County hand Alex's foster mother a life sentence for murder. The life sentence is a small victor ... More >>

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    November 4, 2014

    Texas Children's is Studying a Seizure Drug Derived from Marijuana

    Houston now has an unlikely new pot dealer. Well, sort of. This month, Texas Children's Hospital will break new ground in medical marijuana research, starting an FDA-approved clinical trial of Epidiolex, an experimental marijuana-based pharmaceutical used to treat seizure disorders. The clinic tri ... More >>

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    November 3, 2014

    Medical Marijuana Proves Promising for Kids from Cannabis Advocacy Group

    The last we'd heard from Renee Petro, the Florida pot advocate whose story was highlighted in our recent feature on medical marijuana refugees, the pint-sized parent was still fighting to obtain cannabis for her son, Branden, a FIRES sufferer. Branden's debilitating seizures were spiraling out of c ... More >>

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    October 22, 2014

    These Cannabis Bills Could Change Toking in Texas for Good

    Remember the first time you met that good old bill, who was just sitting on Capitol Hill? Yep, Schoolhouse Rock was the learning bomb, and it knew just how to explain complicated subjects with catchy little songs like "Conjunction Junction" and "Mother Necessity." Well, those Schoolhouse Rockers ma ... More >>

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    October 1, 2014

    Medical Marijuana Refugees are Fleeing Texas to Help Their Loved Ones

    Sitting cross-legged on the floor in her apartment outside of Houston, Faith's mother looks over at the toddler repeatedly as she talks. There are no physical indicators that signal the start of a seizure, but Faith's mother can tell one is on its way. Everything about raising Faith involves watchi ... More >>

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    May 30, 2014

    Congress Votes to End War on Medical Marijuana

    Medical marijuana patients, rejoice. The federal government is no longer in fear of your (state-legal) reefer. Late last night, Congress voted to essentially end the federal war on medical marijuana by approving a measure that prohibits the Department of Justice -- which includes the DEA, by the wa ... More >>

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    May 22, 2014

    Could Legalization of Marijuana Be in Texas's Future?

    Opinions on pot are changing in the Lone Star State.

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    May 21, 2014

    Cover Story: Move Over, Colorado; Nevada May Be the New Amsterdam

    High rollers. Glitzy casinos. Feathered showgirls. And now, weed. Las Vegas has long been a city of overindulgence. That little slogan, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," exists for a reason. And that reason? Debauchery. Throw a little weed to the mix and it may just push that Vegas-bred sti ... More >>

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    March 15, 2012

    Incredible Medibles: The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook, Part 2

    The one thing that The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook doesn't tell you is that making medibles is a smelly process. Measurements in the brand-new cookbook are accurate if disjointed -- going from ounces to grams to cups in one recipe, for example -- and the recipes are reliably good. Many of ... More >>

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    March 14, 2012

    Incredible Medibles: The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook, Part 1

    "Ancient people almost exclusively ate their cannabis, saving seeds for food, and using the resinous flowers for medicinal, recreational, and spiritual use," the introduction to the new The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook tells us in its fascinating introduction to humanity's long history of e ... More >>

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    January 26, 2012

    Hammer Time: The Social Network Actor Busted at Border for Pot Brownies

    The Texas border is a rather notorious place when it comes to drugs and people trying to cross into the United States carrying them. In fact, both Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg were busted in the exact same location, Sierra Blanca. Traditionally, these drugs are found in the vehicle of the accused or ... More >>

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    October 20, 2011

    Obama's War on Weed

    In a strange about-face, the president tries to hack medical marijuana off at the knees.

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    June 23, 2011

    Ron Paul Wants Feds' Hands Off Your Weed

    Ron Paul and Barney Frank, probably discussing Phish​It takes a big issue to get US Reps Barney Frank and Lake Jackson's Ron Paul leading the fight together, but they have found one: Weed. Paul and Frank and four other Democrats (only one of whom has a last name that's also a first name) are ... More >>

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    October 25, 2010

    Marijuana Laced Soda: Dixie Elixirs, The Anti-Red Bull​Medicinal marijuana is legal in 14 states, and it's big business. Earlier this month the New York Times reported on the financial boom from medicinal marijuana ads in Colorado, citing our sister publication in Denver and Village Voice Media's COO, Scott Tobias:

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    August 3, 2010

    Medical Marijuana Group Starts In Texas, We Think

    Image from disinformationIt's possible an announcement was made​Our sister blog, Toke of the Town -- the number one site for all weed-related news on the net -- reported yesterday on the founding of a new group seeking to make medical marijuana legit in Texas.Lots luck with that, fellas.There's an ... More >>

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    June 15, 2010

    Richard Lee: Former Houstonian Leading California's Legal-Weed Battle

    Houstonian showing Californians the way​Californians, those wacky folks, will be voting in November on a referendum to legalize recreational marijuana.Not medical marijuana, recreational marijuana.And they've got a Houstonian -- and his 80-year-old mother, who still lives here -- to thank.Richard ... More >>

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    January 7, 2010

    Weed Takes Root

    Marijuana's steady creep toward legalization nationwide.

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    February 1, 2007

    How to Hide Your Weed

    An ex-cop from East Texas decides to switch sides

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    September 30, 2004

    Reefer Madness

    The government says Clayton Jones shouldn't smoke marijuana. He says it's the only thing that keeps him from blowing his brains out.