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    August 13, 2010

    You Think I'm A Bank Robber Just Because Of The Way I'm Dressed?

    Photo courtesy FBIOkay, yeah, I'm a bank robber​Some bank robbers act all natural, looking like everyone else as they wait their turn with the teller. Others just flaunt it.The guy who robbed a Prosperity Bank branch in the 8800 block of Westheimer yesterday was one of the latter. Or maybe he just ... More >>

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    February 4, 2010
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    January 26, 2010

    Who's A Dude Gotta Blow To Rob A Bank Around Here?

    Photo courtesy FBI​ If there's one thing that sucks about society these days, it's how you have to wait in line forever before getting any service. Especially if you're trying to rob a bank.The gentleman pictured above no doubt thinks so. He walked into a Bank of America on the West Sam Houston Pa ... More >>

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    December 17, 2009

    Transvestites Are Robbing Banks In Wharton. Wharton?

    Photos courtesy FBI​ The FBI usually tries hard to come up with a catchy nickname or description for the bank robbers they seek, but this time the robber did all the work himself.We're guessing -- and we freely admit we could be wrong -- that the population of black transvestites in the sleepy rur ... More >>

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    April 23, 2009

    Smoove B Robs A Bellaire Bank

    There's been so many bank robberies in Houston that the FBI seems to be getting bored with them.They've come up with names like the "Reckless Robber" and they've criticized perps for looking unclean. But in the face of a smooth-talking playah, they are in awe.Notifying media of the latest robbery, a ... More >>

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    April 2, 2009

    Bank Robberies Continue To Soar In Houston

    Photo courtesy FBIBank robbers had a banner year in Houston in 2008, but it appears 2009 is going to be even better. (Or worse, if you're a law-abiding citizen.)FBI Special Agent Patricia Villafranca says robberies are up in a big, big way: "The Houston Bank Robbery Task Force, which investigates ba ... More >>

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    January 23, 2009

    He's Not Only Silver-Haired, He's Reckless

    The "Reckless Robber" has struck again.Although if he's so "reckless," as the FBI has dubbed him, why's he so successful?Maybe it's the silver hair. ("This unique fellow spray paints his hair silver prior to his robberies, perhaps thinking it makes him harder to recognize!" says FBI spokeswoman Patr ... More >>

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    January 3, 2008

    Chuck Rosenthal: So Tough on Crime That a Suspect Goes Free

    The DA doesn't make deals. And that's why Jesus Salazar is living the free life in Venezuela while a teenage girl lies dead, stabbed 26 times.

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    November 29, 2007

    Priscilla Slade and the TSU Three

    Spurred on by a fellow student's death, Oliver Brown, William Hudson and Justin Jordan ran a gauntlet on their way to bring down a president