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    June 24, 2014

    'The Homosexual Playground of the South' (Part 3)

    Part three in a series for Houston Pride Week. The trials, tribulations, and awakenings during the war against fascism led to a spate of coming-out items in the immediate postwar years. In 1944, poet Robert Duncan published The Homosexual in Society, the earliest attempt to formulate a gay rights a ... More >>

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    December 12, 2011

    Nancy Jane Mancuso Gelber: Police Say Aspiring Crime Writer Wanted Estranged Hubby Whacked

    Brazos County JailNancy Mancuso Gelber: Could use old friend Percy Foreman in her corner about now.​ Nancy Mancuso Gelber could face up to life in prison after she was arrested Friday and charged with attempting to hire a hit man to kill her estranged husband. Unfortunately for the 53-year-old ... More >>

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    September 3, 2009

    Houston 101: The Lesbian Bar That Shut Up HPD

    ‚ÄčThe 1960s weren't a very pleasant time to be gay or lesbian for most people, but especially in Houston. Somehow the Bayou City wasn't as accepting of alternative lifestyles as it is today (and we're not saying it's Nirvana today.)Police raids of gay bars were common. Common but bizarre, in the ca ... More >>

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    March 10, 2009

    What The Web Was Made For: Old Newsmen Reminiscing About Sex

    The other day, Hair Balls stumbled on the newish blog I Heard It At the Ice House, the online home of eightysomething retired newsman John Moore Moore's complete profile reads "I am a retired newspaper columnist" (for the Houston Post, among other papers) and he has the stories to back it up. There ... More >>

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    October 12, 2006

    The Sole of Houston

    Hi. I'm John Lomax, and I'm a pedestrian. My friend, Uncle Tick, and I walked down 16-plus miles of Westheimer. This is our story.

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    September 23, 2004
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    August 29, 2002

    Reaping the Wind

    Kopper cops to a Fastowian bargain

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    January 28, 1999

    Tricky Dick

    Nixon's Nixon gets political satire down pat

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    December 26, 1996
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    August 29, 1996

    The King and His Courts

    Traffic-ticket lawyer David Sprecher is a master at beating the system. But the system may need him more than his clients do.

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    December 1, 1994

    The Trial of Joe Russo

    An intimate look at how -- and why -- Houston's high flyer of the '80s was taken apart in court